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Top 5 Tips to Creating a Modern Bedroom

I'd like to welcome my newest partner, Terry's Fabrics Curtains!

Here is a post from them about designing a bedroom:

We all have a place to sleep, whether it's on our own or shared with a partner; you may have a bedroom or you may live in modern, open planned apartment which consists of one large room with multi-functions. Whichever style of modern bedroom you have there are some fundamental features which you should consider when creating a stylish modern bedroom which suits the style of your home and your pocket.

1. The colours you choose will make a vast difference to the look and style of your bedroom. Bright, bold colours may look great but they're not always a good choice for bedrooms. More subdued and calmer colours, such as mid or pale tones are more favourable if you want to unwind and relax. Blues and greens are relaxing colours, especially if you go for the sea-foam shades which are bang on-trend this year. Pair these with off-white or pale creams and the result will be calming.

2. The use of pattern also needs to be considered carefully. Large, bright patterns can turn into a nightmare as they'll keep your mind far too active, smaller repeat patterns are ideal and despite popular believe they won't make your bedroom look or feel cramped if you choose wallpaper or fabrics with a white or cream background. It may be wise to choose you're pattern first and then select one or two of the colours included within the pattern as your accents as this will harmonise the look of the room.

3. Your window dressing is an ideal place to add pattern to your bedroom. Terrys Fabrics Curtains are ideal as you'll have plenty of modern patterns and colour choices to compliment the style of your bedroom or open-plan room. You could also have matching bedding or Roman blinds if you want a totally co-ordinated look. Matching soft furnishings are a great way to achieve a designer look with very little effort on your part.

4. Flooring also needs to be considered carefully. Wooden or laminate floors can be noisy in bedrooms, however, if that's the look you're after or you have an open-plan room to give your bedroom an in-vogue modern look you can always add an area rug under the bottom third of your bed – having matching rugs either side of a double bed can also look chic just as long as you choose a plain colour or a faux animal hide; if you include another pattern the room can become very confusing and have a chaotic look. If you really want a multi-coloured rug look for those with blocks of colour which include your accent colours.

5. No bedroom would be complete without a bed! It's wise to go for the largest size you can without making the room look too cramped. If you have an open-plan room bed-settees are great space savers and can quickly be changed back into a sofa. Pile a bed-settee high with cushions and perhaps even a throw so that it blends with your room's colour scheme or add boudoir style cushions to a bed in a bedroom.

A New Favorite Designer: Katrin Cargill

Do you all know the designer Katrin Cargill?  This room is one of my favorite images:

I love it so much that it inspired me to show you more work by this fabulous designer.  
I hope you enjoy it as much as I do:

Thanks for reading!

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How to Create a Luxury Look to your Bedroom

Welcome to my newest partner, Beds World! Here is a post from them about designing a luxury bedroom:

Are you like many others and watch in awe as the television home make-over shows transform untidy and out-dated bedrooms into luxury ones which ooze chic styling and elegance? The television makes it look so easy and yet it can be difficult to know where to start and how about carrying out a transformation of your own.

If you follow a few basic rules you'll be able to up-date the look of your bedroom and turn into a luxury one in no time at all.

Firstly you'll need to decide on a style and a colour scheme. Probably the best way to approach this is to take the time to have a look at luxury interior designs you like and either put them onto a mood board (a type of poster where you cut out images and stick them onto a board or a large piece of paper, if you're technically mined you can also carry out this process online). Then you can juggling things around and disregard the pieces which are out of your price range or too large to fit comfortably inside your bedroom. You'll also need to choose a colour scheme, so play around with different variations until you find colours that will suit the style of your room and above all that you are comfortable living with.

Next, take a cue from the television designers and start with a blank canvass by stripping the room bare of all furniture and furnishings. This may be a little awkward but it's worth the effort in the long run. Don't forget to rip out a shabby and threadbare carpet. If you want to keep the carpet cover it with a dust sheet so that it doesn't end up with paint splashes on it.

Then you'll need to paint or paper your walls, don't forget the ceiling, along with skirting boards and the door. Once all the paint is dry you can then start to bring the furniture back in. If your existing bed doesn't suit your new bedroom's luxury style then don't bother dragging it back into the room go and choose a new from the selections available at Beds World UK. You'll find a superb range of different styles, design and sizes which will give your bedroom a luxury look.

Once your new bed is installed arrange the rest of your furniture remembering that you don't have to cram in everything you took out – just pick the pieces which are really necessary, luxury bedrooms are never cramped or filled with irrelevant items.

Soft furnishings and accessories are the key to achieving the luxury look. Use curtains and drapes in luxury fabrics such as velvet, brocade or damask. Team bedding to compliment your colour scheme and go for the added luxury by selecting duvet covers with embroidery or silk trim. Only include one or three display objects, odd numbers always show a professional touch! Keep lighting in the style of the room, modern chandeliers offer a romantic and luxury look, especially if they have dimmer switches.

Five Amazing Spaces (Some New Favorite Images?)

Each of these five spaces from the recent Elle Decor that I've been studying truly amaze me, and all for different reasons.  I love them all, and could never pick a favorite. Isn't it funny how good design is just good design, no matter the style? I may even have a new all time favorite image in here (#15).

Thanks for reading!

My Favorite Deals From Across the Internet. 
Updated Daily. Sometimes hourly:
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