The Amazing Work of Genevieve Gorder for Capel Rugs (And Other Goodies)

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Do you guys know of Genevieve Gorder for Capel Rugs? Well, her designs are remarkable, and are offered on One King's Lane at amazing prices today.  I love these so much, and wanted to share (and I'm an affiliate, which I think you all know by now :)  Anyway, here are ten of my favorites. 

You can see them all HERE

This is my favorite and I want it SOOOOO badly for my kitchen!!

ALSO, I got an email from Wayfair today that their Lexington and Hillsdale furniture is one sale - and it only happens twice a year. I love both of these brands.

For example, this Lexington coffee table is what I used in my family room:
Click to see table

See the four tables in the middle? Those are them!

Here are some other Lexington products I ADORE:

You can see them all HERE

And of course I love Hillsdale as well, although I'm not lucky enough to own any.
Here is what I covet though!

You can see it all HERE

The Amazing Use of Color in Jamie Drake's Work

Do you remember seeing Jamie Drake's work at the Kip's Bay Show House?  I was intrigued, so I took at look a the rest of his portfolio, and was not disappointed. He had me at the first image with lacquer in it.  

I'm also  especially impressed with his use of color and versatility.  He uses a ton of lavender - not my go to color, I must admit, but gosh it look great in his rooms, especially with gold accents.   

Here are three things I'm drooling over that you can keep a look out for: the purple dining chairs, the lucite bed (!) and that closet (you'll see what I mean :)

Pretty amazing, huh?
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