Accent Cushion Design Inspiration: A Guest Post From a New Partner

Welcome to my newest partner, Custom Curtains. As you'll see in their guest post below, they make a lot more than just curtains:

All keen designers know that some well-placed and well-chosen accent cushions can lighten up a room, and add that special finishing touch to the d├ęcor. There are a lot of different styles, when it comes to accent cushions. No matter if you’re into stripes, floral patterns, or quirky and bold prints, there’s something for everyone. Here are some of the latest accent cushion designs, for you to use as inspiration for future projects. Hope you enjoy. 

Lime and candy pink are a popular colour combination this autumn, but blacks and greys are making a comeback. Their elegant style is bound to be popular come winter, when luxurious looking designs are predicted to take centre stage once again.

 Above are some examples of quirky and bold prints, which can be used as supporting or main features in a room design.

This contrast of dark and light colour is especially stunning when combined. With the other examples, it’s more of a case of pick and mix as you please, but with these two vine cushions a pairing of the two in the same area will work well. 

Brought to you by Custom Curtains, online retailer for accent cushions and made to measure curtains.

Thank you again for the guest post, and welcome. Thanks for reading, and see you all next time.

50 Favorites For Friday (#47)

Another week flown by! Here are my 50 favorite images from the week. Enjoy! 


I love this bed for sale today - not my normal style, but I'm really drawn to it for some reason. Wait til next week when I show you a brass encased shower that I love.  I know what you're thinking (She's crazy, I'm going to unsubscribe, etc....) but you'll see, it's NICE!! 

So weird how tastes can change again and again.  I blame all the lovely shelter mags and Pinterest - I'm very heavily influenced by them. So anyway, they got me liking florals like this again:

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 I also love all of these pieces:

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Thanks for reading!

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