A Stunning Western Retreat and a MUST SEE if You Are Shopping for Kids

Wow!! I have never really wanted to live in the west (I'm pretty attached to my Northeastern roots), but I might consider moving for a beauty like this: 


And Part 2 of this post, for those of you who are shopping for children's room, toys, holiday gifts, etc....OKL is having a sale today with 30% off - they almost never do this (I can remember one other time), so it is a must see. A lot of the items are good for adult rooms, too.

Here is the key - USE COUPON CODE "KIDSDAY" to get your 30% off!!  
It is NOT advertised on their site (only through email) but should still work. 

Here are some of my favorite items - you can click them or click HERE to go to the
Main Sale Page:


And FINALLY, 15% almost everything at Layla Grayce - alost unheard of:

Click to go to site

Thanks for reading!!

From a new Design Partner: Modern vs. Family Kitchens

Here is a guest post from my newest design partner, Wren Kitchens:

Many people consider the kitchen to be the most important room in the house - but the biggest pain to renovate. To an extent, this may be true; if you want to completely redesign your kitchen you could face having to move water pipes, electrical outlets and even gas taps. Yet there are many ways you can give your kitchen a whole new look with a minimum of fuss - you just need to decide on a theme….

Family kitchens

Family kitchens are multi-purpose: they are a place to create meals, feed the kids, do homework and gather to talk and share daily experiences as a family. For this reason, the kitchen needs to feel comfortable and homely, yet remain functional.

The key to a good family kitchen is the table. While having plenty of units and storage space is important, you need to be careful about use of space in order to leave ample room for the table. Floor-to-ceiling cupboards will help keep those bits and pieces out of the way, but this does not mean you have to replace the units, adding extra ones is just fine - and if your existing wooden units are looking tired and old, you can spruce they up by sanding them down and painting them.

Family kitchens can get messy, so all surfaces should wipe clean easily. This may involve replacing counter tops, as well as replacing flooring with tiles - this is actually quite easy to do yourself. As for colour schemes, stick to pale, relaxed colours for that homely atmosphere.

Modern kitchens

The typical modern kitchen is sleek, stylish and minimalist. For those with plenty of kitchen gadgets a modern design can complement the high-tech look, but you may need plenty of storage space to prevent the space appearing cluttered.

High gloss finishes from your units are important for a sleek, modern look, so reusing old cupboards is probably not going to work. If you do need to buy, look for companies such as Wren Kitchens which provide fully-assembled units - a modern kitchen is no place for doors which are out of alignment.

If you're willing to change the layout of your kitchen, an island or breakfast bar is a common feature of the modern kitchen, but if you are using a table make sure to go for a high-gloss finish again, and ensure it complements your cabinets - continuity is the key to sleek sophistication.

You can be bolder with your choice of colour in a modern kitchen - reds are not out of the question - and provide some contrast with chrome handles and appliances.

Thank you again for the guest post Wren Kitchens!


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