From a New Partner: Top Ideas for the Perfect Bedroom

  I'd like to welcome my newest design partner, Time4Sleep, and thank them for this guest post:

 Top Ideas for the Perfect Bedroom

Create a theme
Refreshing your bedroom decor starts with just one piece of furniture. Pick a focal point – the bed, or the curtains, or even just a favourite lampshade – and create a theme around it, incorporating similar colours and patterns throughout the room. Use fabrics to create a close, cosy feel, or use pale colours and wood furnishings for a more contemporary, open look.

The perfect bed
Beds come in all shapes and sizes, from four-poster to futon. Pick something comfortable, supportive, and a little larger than you think you’ll need, for total luxury! If you have a large room, an attractive wooden frame with an impressive headboard adds a touch of glamour, while a stylish storage bed would be ideal for a smaller bedroom, offering extra space to keep your surroundings clear and comfortable. Take a look at Time4Sleep for a good idea of the options available.

Reclaim Space
Finding some new storage solutions is a great way to help you open out your room and gain more floor space for other furnishings. Rethink wardrobe space and attach hooks or racks to the insides of the doors, to get shoes off the floor and hidden away. Ditch floor lamps for wall lights, and attach some wall-mounted shelves instead of bulky bookcase and cabinets.

Your bedroom should always be a place of calm, somewhere to relax after a long day, or a retreat in a busy house! Make space for something you enjoy – a comfortable chair and a lamp are all it takes to create a reading nook, while a craft stash is easily contained around a small desk. Fairy lights or scented candles can make your room even cosier, for a true sanctuary!

Get thinking about the kinds of things you’d like in your ideal bedroom, and start making them! Create simple fabric wall hangings, or make cushion and pillow covers to add both texture and comfort to your room. Wallpapering the fronts of dressers or drawers is a quick and simple way to add colour, while plain doorknobs and drawer handles can be easily replaced with ornate ones for a more interesting style.

                              Thank you again for the post, and welcome Time4Sleep!

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