From a New Partner: Transforming Your Bathroom into a Relaxing Zone

Today I'm happy to show you this post from a new partner, Tesco Direct: 

Imagine this: after a long day at the office, you take off your shoes and choose a towel. Selecting bottles of lavender bubble bath and bath salts, you pour a generous amount of each into a tub filled with warm water. You slip into the tub, close your eyes, and let your mind drift away from the day's events.

Now try to imagine this scenario in a bathroom with peeling paint, broken tiles, and no decorations.

Maintaining a relaxing, stylish bathroom may occasionally be difficult if you have a busy lifestyle, but selecting a few bits and bobs to brighten it up should not have to be. The bathroom can especially be a relieving place when you consider that you take your most satisfying pees, calming bubble baths, and cleansing showers in that room. Why not decorate with calming colours and accessories then?

Tiling with simple print looks elegant in a bathroom with solid wall colours. Select calming hues such as light blue or cream to paint the walls: even if you don't have money for these things, a simple pineapple toothbrush holder or some towels with starfish print can do wonders to give the bathroom more character.

If you do not have a glass shower door, invest in decorative shower curtains: these can be fun prints featuring colourful sea life with dolphins and starfish, or single-color curtains in a calming blue or an energetic orange. Make sure to clean curtains and shower doors regularly to avoid mould.

Bathroom cabinets are among the most important features of a bathroom because they hold supplies and medicines in an accessible location: a good cabinet goes a long way in adding to the overall look of the room. An off-white cabinet can do wonders for the colour scheme.  

Wayfair offers elegant, dark, wooden cabinets that provide a finished, polished look. Dar lighting cabinets are also available to provide helpful lighting when you need to reach for your toothbrush in the dark. For something simpler, the Techstyle storage cabinet is inexpensive and provides convenient storage.

To make the room look more inviting, gather some potpourri into a small dish and place it where the scent can permeate the room.  

Additionally, three or four neutral-coloured candles add a feeling of serenity and calm, almost as though a person could meditate in the room as the mind drifts. And if you do light the candles, never leave them burning unsupervised.


Transforming your bathroom into a relaxing haven can be easy with a few simple touches and some accessories. May your next bubble bath be truly relaxing.

Thank you for the post, and welcome Tesco!

Design Crush: John Saladino

I'm sure you all know the work of John Saladino,but I'm hoping you haven't seen these images yet.  Most of them are new to me.  Everything he does is GENIUS, in my opinion.  I just can't get enough.  I hope you enjoy!

That's some serious talent!  Thanks for reading, see you tomorrow.

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My Favorite Deals From Across the Internet. 
Updated Daily. Sometimes hourly: online decor ad

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