How to Make A Crystal Chandelier (a.k.a. I Think My Cleaning Lady Thinks I'm Nuts)

My cleaning lady and I have a conversation every time she comes
that goes, more or less, like this: 

Maria (somewhat accusingly): "Look what I found," as she holds out a handful of crap that stuffed up her vacuum:

Me (humbly): "Yes, so sorry." 

Maria: "What the heck IS it?" 
Me: "Well, it's like fishing line.  Or clear thread.  But it's really for jewelry making.  I don't know.  I'm not sure what it is.  I mean, I know where I got it, but I don't know what you call it."


Maria: "Why is it all over the floor?" 

Me: "Oh.  I did a project with it."  Pause.  "The chandelier."  Pause.  "In the living room." Pause.  "Remember how it looked before?"  Pause.  "And how it's all sparkly now?" 

Maria: "Oh." Pause.  "Yes."  Looooong pause.  "Looks nice." 

So anywhooo, I made my chandelier into a sparkly one!!
And here is how I did it for very little money and not much hassle:

Here is a before (well, not really, because of course I forgot to take a before picture, but this is close):

 And here is an after picture:

 And here is how to do it:

For an average size six arm chandelier, you need 3 strands of 36" long glass beads.   
I got mine HERE.
You also need the crystal drops.  I got 30 total - 18 small, 6 medium, and 6 large.
They are available HERE (I used 1.5", 2" and 2.5").
Finally, you need a spool of clear jewelry making thread
(Nylon Monofilament if you want to be all techy about it).
It is about $3 at craft stores:


1. Remove the outermost wire ring from each crystal - you are going to want to thread directly through the crystal to get it closer to the chandelier.

Remove this ring

2.  Start with the 36" strands of beads.  String them together end to end so you have one long strand (just tie them end to end with your filament).

3. Start on one arm of the chandelier.  Tie the end of the beads to that arm.  Drape the beads over each arm and secure with filament.  I did two rows - i.e., wrapping it around the entire chandelier twice, securing at each arm.  In the photo below, you can see where I tied it to the round end of the arms.

In process
Beads in two rows, attached at each arm

4. Add the crystals.  I used three small ones on each arm:

3 crystals on each arm cap

5. Then I did one medium in the middle of the lower strand of beads:

One medium crystal on each lower strand (and I see I forgot to remove the ring on this one!)

6.   For the last part, I added the large (2.5") crystals onto the inner end of each arm:

One large crystal on each arm finial

7.  Then I cut all the strings and was done. It took about $30 and an hour.  Here is the end result, but keep in mind it is GLOOMY out with a Nor'easter coming tonight.
I'll get some pictures in the sun soon :)


And once the sun came out:

   You know I'll be doing this one soon!


Ok, so I did it already.  I had extra beads, so I did a double row of those.
I'm not adding crystals because of the glass already on this one.
Here are the AFTER shots:

And at night:

One warning about this project - stand on a chair if you can, or take your 4 Advil before you start.  I woke up with my neck and arms killing from the reaching to tie all the knots!

PS - did you notice the new tablecloth?  
Do you like it? 
I do, but my husband doesn't.  
Guess who won :)


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