Color Me Gray (My Favorite Room Color of the Year)

Thursday, January 10, 2013

How can Joss sell these for only $250-300?? Aren't they beautiful? I wish I had a place for one :)




Some people can't do a room without black.  I can't seem to do one without gray! I love this color, whether it takes over the room or is just in one piece of furniture.  What do you think?

I know I showed you this next one yesterday, but I just love it soooo much...


Isn't this beautiful? I thought $299 was a great price, too:


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Meaghan Barry said...

Hi Stacy- Just wanted to stop by and say that we are loving our gray dining room! I need to take pictures soon to post on my blog and send to you as well. People just love how the room turned out.

-Meaghan Barry

Stacy Curran said...

Oh Meaghan I am so glad!! It looked great the last time I was there :) Can't wait to see photos! After you publish them, maybe you'll let me republish here?

Jennifer@ClassicStyleHome said...

I can't seem to decorate a room without gray or black lately!

Meaghan said...

Of course!


Prettyinpink bride said...

my best second favourite color is gray too.. very lovely pics..

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Countrymouse said...

I love the color, it seems to be the new neutral. I have no room in my house gray as yet but I look forward to incorporating the color. I love the inspirration rooms you posted.

Barbara Bussey {The Treasured Home} said...

A gray velvet chesterfield sofa! One of these days, it's going to replace my family room sofa. Happy new year, my dear!

Cynthia said...

It all is so pretty, the new neutral perhaps??? I love the second chest in the beginning. Right up my alley.


The enchanted home said...

Gorgeous and what amazing bargains!! I looooove all this gray, having a gray "thing" lately!

StagerLinda said...

Love Gray! My current fav is BM's Imperial gray. That mirrored highboy is gorgeous.

Shirley@Housepitality Designs said...

I am with the gray sofa!!!

Anonymous said...

just wondering if you know the paint color in the first image? (blue/green/grey color?

Fashion-isha said...

The rooms you show here are completely fabulous! I love the deep blue/grey of the 7th photo. I'm a fan of dark walls. And the antique mirrors are amazing too!