Obsessed With Hot Pink rooms!

I have slowly but surely been added splashes of hot pink to my home (starting long before it became Pantone's last color of the year), but it has been going REALLY slowly.  Getting just the right shade can be tricky.  I bought a lush velvet armchair the other day at Home Goods to use in front of the piano, but when I got it home it read more maroon than fuchsia, so I returned it.  The room with the most pink so far is Ellie's room:

 Sometimes I just add it in flowers:

 I really want pink to carry through every room as a unifying theme, though. 
 Wouldn't it look good in this room?

And this one?

AND this one?

So that's one of my design goals for the year.
here are my inspiration files:

My all time favorite hot pink splash of color:


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