Color, Whites, and Muted Palettes

Sunday, February 10, 2013

I'm lucky to have this job, because it allows me to do rooms of all types - bright color, muted color, pops of color, and all white.  And that is a very lucky thing for me, since I literally cannot make up my mind as to which style I like best.  Here are some rooms of all styles that I had saved in my color files, even though some are muted and black and white - shows you how my mind doesn't always work logically.


After writing this, I guess I think if I had to pick, absolutely HAD to, I'd say pops of color. You?

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carolyn bradford said...

My problem is that I love so many different things! Which is evidenced in my home because it's a little bit of this and a little bit of that! I want a re-fined, definite style but can't quite settle on one! So sorry about your loss of power, etc…there is nothing worse in my book! Glad you have somewhere to go!

Jennifer@ClassicStyleHome said...

I love so many different styles and colors, too. I've been looking at beach condos for vacation and now I want to brighten everything up in my house with some major color. I'm sure it will pass, lol.

PamLuvsPink said...

Hi Stacy!!!

I'm sorry to hear about all the snow and now no power!! It's so nice to have great friends who are there for us.

Some of these rooms are gorgeous!!
With the right amount of 'Pop' color. It amazes me what a few pieces of color can do to a room.

Hope you're in your home soon!!

Take care