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Friday, February 22, 2013

Recently Arcadian Home asked me to curate a "Designer Picks" board of items from my store (which they administer for me).  I did one that included items from my Family Room (or similar items).  I literally had NO idea that they were going to make it into a flash sale, but they DID! And I swear, I'm floored by the prices.  
In particular, the two mirrors in the second row, the crystal chandelier in the 7th row,  the gold tables in rows 8 an 11, and the white chandelier in row 9.   I see some of these exact same items in other flash sales, but NEVER for these prices.   
I'm so psyched that they are being offered at these saving!  Click any image to go to the whole sale - it's only about 60 items, and I'm showing you everything with prices here so you can see if you want to click over.  But even if you don't like anything here, there are other designer flash sales to check out with equally great pricing, so you should check it out (or click HERE to visit).
So here are my flash sale items. Oh, and the sale goes for 4 days.

 CLICK HERE to view the sale.

Thanks for reading!

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Jennifer@ClassicStyleHome said...

I love everything you picked! Those rugs are very reasonably priced. I've been eyeing the arabesque rug for months and that's the best price I've seen. Congratulations on your flash sale! So exciting!

Interior Design Musings said...

Congrats to you!! I'm not surprised, you have a fantastic eye - totally loving the regal side table - reminds me of a cross between the brass trend and old antique florentina boxes! so great! M.

Sherry Calamia said...

Congratuations Stacy! All of the items you picked are beautiful, I especially love that Lorum table lamp, so classy! I'm off to check out more sale items!