Giving A Room Life With Mirrors

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Anyone who has ever seen my house or my house tour knows that I love mirrors.  I do like to add color to rooms, but I don't tend do do as much art as some.  I love a bold art piece here and there, but use more mirrors than anything else on the walls.  I love the sparkle and glam that they add.  Here is a collection of mirrors of all types - look how they can transform a room and give it life:

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Jennifer@ClassicStyleHome said...

I find myself choosing mirrors over artwork as well. I think it's a combination of being really picky about artwork and that mirrors are so much easier to decorate around. I love the picture of the gold mirror above the fireplace with the turquoise vases. That's a keeper!

Katherine said...

Great post! You've made me want all of them.
I have always likes mirrors being layered and then the low vignette in front.

Cynthia said...

These are fantastic. I love mirrors and when they are aged and ornate it is even better for me.


Acquired Objects said...

There's something about layering mirrors that I love and the tall floor mirrors, fabulous!