Themeless Thursday (With Beautiful Rooms)

Thursday, March 21, 2013

My problem with title to posts continues ("No Title Tuesday," "Wacky Wednesday," and now "Themeless Thursday").... I'm carrying it a little far, sorry, but I am just so horrible at titles! So anywho, here are a bunch of rooms, with no unifying theme other than that I love them all:

This is SO exiting (to me anyway): The middle mirror below is $231- normally $600 - and it's huge - 51".  And the first table is $170 - I've seen them as high as $650 elsewhere:


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Liz Bird said...

LOVE your curated selection, Stacy! Reminds me of gorgeous spaces that have "Good Bones" ie. High Ceilings, Hardwoods & Lots of Gorgeous Crown Mouldings!

Cynthia said...

Great rooms the one with the cathedral windows is something. Timelss Thursdays is a good title.


Diane Haynie said...

That wine cellar is amazing...cannot imagine what the rest of the house looks like if the wine cellar is that large!

carolyn bradford said...

I'm trying to give up titles to my posts as opposed to all of the "other" things I should be giving up! LOL! Your posts are always fabulous and I can't wait to study your house and your fabulous publication some more! So glad we are home and hope to have a few hours to devote to this! So excited for you!

Jamie Herzlinger said...

Absolutely one of my all time favorite posts! Fantastic job!
Thank you!
Xx Jamie