The BEST Do It Yourself Art Idea Ever!!!! (Framed Hermes Scarves)

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

How amazing is this image? I fell in love with it the moment I saw it last night. Unfortunately, the text for the source is in German, but those are pretty clearly vintage Hermes scarves in frames. I SO have to do this!!

So I researched a bit on ebay. Now I know a lot of bad people sell fakes there, so I am not saying these are real or anything - I have no idea. But there are a lot to choose from ranging from $50-$450. The thing about the ones in the photo above that makes them look so perfect, I think, is that they are all the same scarf but in different colors. I'm sure it would look great to mix patterns, too, but a little trickier.

I looked for the Hermes Mustang and found these two

I also love these:

I so want to do this. It would take a long time to collect four of the same scarf (and to be able to afford it), but that's what would make it fun. I guess they don't have to be Hermes, but that's just not the same, is it?

What do you think - could you see yourself doing this?


 You won't regret it :)

And on my other blog, Mary Jane's Makeup, today:




Last but not least.....

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Merlin said...

My mother-in-law gave me a "lovely" silk scarf with a bird on it from their trip to Germany...well, I framed it and enjoyed looking at it much more than I would have wearing it. :) franki

Tricia | 724SouthHouse said...

You have me inspired to do the same. I'm always looking for something different to hang on the walls. The selections you found are awesome!

Taylor Greenwalt said...

Stacy, great idea...

Carolyn@Sweet Chaos said...

Very cool idea :)

Jennifer@ClassicStyleHome said...

I love this idea! My aunt has found Hermes scarves at Goodwill. Crazy, isn't it?

Josh Urso Design said...

We recently came across a small vintage scarf from Siena depicting the famous Palio horse race. Now we've got something to do with it!

Pietra Brandolini said...

Great Idea! Hermes scarf is pure silk and the edges are hand rolled and sewn..the fabric is usually a silk twill for that particular size...I found one at a consignment store and scooped it up at $25! There is also a signature within the design. These scarves are expensive and high humidity can damage the colors.

Karena Albert said...

Yes, even at a great bu, to properly frame and preserve with museum glass you are easily looking at over $2000.
Worth it though for the real thing and a pattern or two you love!

2013 Artist Series!!

carolyn bradford said...

Stacy….I LOVE this!! I will most definitely be coveting these gorgeous framed scarves…what a statement they make!

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i love your blog a lot.