Update to Post About My Favorite product Ever (The Best Eye Cream I've Ever Used)

Thursday, September 26, 2013

About 9 months ago, I wrote a post about my favorite eye cream. It has become my most viewed post, and made me realize that I wanted to write, and might have an audience for, a beauty blog. 

I just learned that since then, the product has been discontinued, and replaced with a newer and stronger formula. If you bought and had success with the old one, you'll love this one even more (I do). I had one reader that all you blog followers surely know write this comment, and another reader write the second one (you can see both comments at the linked post):

"I ended up ordering Elite Serum and received it within 48 hours. After just over a week and a half I am already seeing results (firming of upper lids, decreased under eye puffiness and smoothing of skin). The customer service is great, too. " 
Stacy - this is the best thing that ever happened to me. i will use this for life. It has changed my entire eye area - I look at least 10 years younger, and I'm a pretty harsh critic. THANK YOU for sharing this!!
And a screenshot of an email I just got today about the older, weaker formula (wither her name and email redacted):

I totally agree, and am so excited about his newer, stronger strength formula. It is literally a miracle eye cream to me, the best and most effective beauty product I have ever used. I truly believe in it, which is why I represent it now. One thing you should know, though, is that some countries don't allow this to be sold there because they consider it too strong. I have never had any negative reaction, and none of my readers that have written to me have, so I trust it. But if you have very sensitive skin maybe check with a dermatologist first.

I think the issue is that it combines ALL of the proven effective ingredients into one product, and no one has ever done that before. I guess some skin types are too sensitive for that. But on the flip side, if you can use it, it works miracles.  Here are my personal before and afters, totally unretouched (please don't accuse me of retouching them and lying - one anonymous person did that and it sent me to bed for a whole day. Can't you see for yourself by the pores, cracks, and fine lines that there is no airbrushing going on? I'd rather have you stop following me than call me a liar!)




Ok, that's it - just an update on my favorite beauty product ever!

Here is where you can go to read more (ingredients, science-y stuff, testimonials, more before and afters, etc.), or buy:

Click here to go to the manufacturer website.

Back to design posts tomorrow!
Anne said...

Wow, Stacy, that eye cream totally got rid of the undereye bag/dark circles!

Elizabeth@ Pine Cones and Acorns said...

Wow! I am not a product type person but I may have to get this!

The enchanted home said...

Hi Stacy...you make quite a compelling case for it!

Merlin said...

Now...if you could find "body cream" that takes away all that...franki

Jackie Brookfield said...

Do you have to order the newer, stronger formula eye cream? I have just received my second month's supply. Is it the New or the older formula? Someone let me know. Thanks. Jackie

Jackie Brookfield said...

Do you have to order the new stronger formula? I just received my second month's supply. Is it the new formula?

Stacy Curran said...

Yes Jackie - the old formula is gone. The new one is similar but should say "Elite Serum Rx" on the side - that replaced "Elite Serum"