My Thanksgiving Table (and How it Could Be Better If I Had Time)

Sunday, November 24, 2013

I hate my dining room at Thanksgiving. It's all black and white and modern, so it really doesn't work for this holiday, or at least with the traditional colors. Christmas is a different story, and I love the reds and glitz and glam. But for Thanksgiving, I always want rustic, and it just doesn't work. So, I mostly just don't bother trying to make it work. 

Same thing this year - a 5 minute centerpiece that my kids helped with (they liked placing the pumpkins). And I know I have to iron the napkins- they look terrible but I just haven't had time yet. So I cropped the photos in a lot to take away the black and white parts of the room because it looks so bad with this. But anyway, here is a 5 minute centerpiece that'll get you by when you're just not in the mood to do more: 4 antlers (I had them in a basket already), gourds, and candles. It looks even better with succulents, but I don't have any:

Oh God please ignore the napkins!!

See what I mean about these colors with the black and white? Yuck.

Here's how it could look if I had the time / energy to add succulents:

Isn't that last one amazing? I'm not in love with the art, but the table itself - so beautiful!

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Katherine said...

Make it easy on yourself - ask the florist to put together something for the table in the colours you want. Or grab cut flowers in those colours and add it very casually.

This year the message for you is very clear - you have much to be thankful for. Embrace your Mother and Father.

Karena Albert said...

Dear Stacy,
Your centerpiece is wonderful! I love using natural elements for the holidays! Family is more important to me than ever and I am so grateful to have them near.

The Arts by Karena

Merlin said...

It needs the succulents... :) "Some" of us work better under It's truly surprising what "happens" at the very last minute. It always works out...pretty much... franki

Jennifer@ClassicStyleHome said...

I think your table is perfect the way it is! My guests will be getting paper napkins this year since we have so many people coming over, so your wrinkled napkins still trumps mine. I had trouble this year with my table since I couldn't find one darn pumpkin. I found one lonely mum finally) and grabbed it. I think you should embrace your transitional dining room and go for a glam Thanksgiving look with glittery pinecones and white pumpkins. Rustic is nice, but glam is better. ;)

Scat said...

I sort of disagree. I like your setting, and the art on the last photo mad me chuckle. I always love a little whimsy. Your glassware is very pretty!

Deborah Higdon said...

I don't see anything wrong with it. Black goes with everything. Anyway, people are too busy eating to notice!,


Your table came out gorgeous, you are a perfectionist! I love the centerpiece, it caught my eye immediately and everything in B&W is melting beautifully! Don't be hard, I love it!!! Have a lovely Tksgiving with your family.

Elizabeth@ Pine Cones and Acorns said...

Stacy, it looks beautiful. Honestly I am happy I am going to someone else for dinner because I do not like to decorate for Thanksgiving.

I hope you have a blessed holiday!

Sandra Lee said...

I love the black and white and your table. I'm too busy drooling over your stemware, don't worry about the napkins.

Sherry said...

You ARE too hard on yourself & your centerpiece is stunning. But I have an idea. My house is all cream & taupe with black. I find that bits of white just look awful with my particular decor .. so I don't use ANY white. Perhaps the opposite applies to your room ... bits of cream just do not go. So take away the cream & cream/green pumpkins. Use all solid color ... orange & green ... stunning w/ the black & white. Me, telling you. HA!