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Saturday, December 14, 2013

Are you all out shopping? I am about to go! I can't believe it's just a week and a half to Christmas!

I love this company, Aquitane, for fashion forward but affordable furniture. The prices are great - like the mirrored desk for $360, pendant light for $56, first mirrors for $35, etc:


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Jennifer@ClassicStyleHome said...

Have fun shopping! I'm working all weekend. Boo! I'll be one of those getting my last minute gifts at the drugstore on Christmas Eve, lol.

Scat said...
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Merlin said...

We just had to cut down a massive 200 year old oak tree and will "slab" it...I'm thinking a bench at the end of the bed..or a table top like the one shown...or both..franki

Sandra Garth said...

I put a good dent into my shopping yesterday. Today we are snowbound so I'm baking. The pictures you share always make me want to improve my home. Even if it's only rearranging furniture or switching out candles.

miss b said...

The first room appeals to me as those windows let in so much light. I'm a fan of huge windows as here in the UK December days can sometimes be so grey and dull. Good luck with the shopping. I have only two gifts left to buy but I'm struggling with ideas!

Emma said...

Absolutely love that quartet of globe-shaped caged pendant lights in the wood and metal kitchen from Elle Decor!

Plus, that great chandelier in the photo that includes lovely pink flowers and brightly-colored candies. Yum!