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Thursday, December 26, 2013

Hi everyone! I hope all of you that celebrate Christmas had a wonderful, healthy, happy time with your families yesterday.  Our Christmas was bittersweet because we all know it will be my mother's last. At least the last where she will be able to go out, and where she will know us all. In reality, she doesn't really know us all right now, but recognition flutters in and out. It was very difficult at times, especially seeing my dad have to leave the table so my mother wouldn't see him cry. But on a positive note, it made us all realize that the most important thing in life is to count your blessing and cherish every moment. Here is my favorite photo from Christmas, which to me, shows the beauty of a long marriage mixed with the tragedy of Alzheimer's. I will cherish this photo always:

And on a happier note, my favorites from the last couple of days:

Christmas eve dinner where my 8 year old daughter ate spicy mussels and all sorts of other grown up food at an amazing Boston restaurant called Cinquecento. It was fun to watch her eat food we love. 

My son, well, we are not going to talk about his eating habits here.  Let's just say he's the sweetest big brother ever:

And then the cookies and milk for Santa. Bobby makes us so proud, getting Ellie excited about Santa even though he has known the truth for a while now.  I love that he sees the magic through her eyes, the way adults do: 

That cookie for Santa, by the way, was my first Pinterest Fail of the week:

And here is my second:
I TOLD you I'm not a craft person!!

And a few other favorite photos of the kids on Christmas:

Walking in to see if Santa came. Ellie did all of the doorway decorations to welcome Santa:

Opening gifts:

And my favorites of them being sweet:

 And finally Daddy and his girl:

Anyway, moving on. 

I hate the color of the year. BUT, on a positive note, I can't wait to see if anyone does a room in this color (Radiant Orchid) that I like.  So far, not so much, but we'll see. What do you think next year's color will be? I predict it will be some kind of yellowish green, like this, #396:

My guess  number 2 would be something like #333:

But for this year, we have Radiant Orchid:

What do you think? I'm curious to know if anyone likes/loves the color?

I kind of like this room. But there is very little of the actual color in it. I think we'll see a lot of "interpretations" of Radiant Orchid this year. This room purports to be that color, but it's really more amethyst, no?

I could live with it in artwork I guess:

Full blown, though, I guess it's just not for me:


Ok, I give up. I can't find any I like for real. So instead I'll just show you a few rooms I've been loving, regardless of color:


And in case you're still reading, there are some amazing deals to be had today.









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Emma said...

I laughed at those "nailed it!" photos of the cookies--the "nailed it!" trend always cracks me up, but hey, at least you tried and had fun, right?

We'll see interpretations of Radiant Orchid but not huge themed rooms of it, I agree. Small doses of it, like in throw pillows, accent pieces, lighting, artwork, etc. Those are all things people can change out in 2015, after all (and I like your second guess for next year's color, which looks like the hue of the curtains in the last picture you like).

diane said...

So with you on the color of the year. My favorite way to use it is as in the neutral sitting room with purplish tinted buildings "outside".

Lovely photo of your parents that I know you will treasure and your cookies look perfect compared to anything I attempt!

Happy New Year

Scat said...

I've been meaning toask you how your mother was doing I didnt know how since we dont know each other.
My oldest sister is only 64 and we all know she hassomething wrong like this. She doesnt know what day it is or anything with times, dates, or numbers. I had to tell her what the family was thinking as I cried telling her but she has not done anything about it and her Hubby is sweeping it under the rug so to speak. I meanit could possibly be a brain tumor -who knows! Anyway it seems she has dementia and nothing is beingd done about it. Isnt she too young to have this? I remember you saying that your Moms was advanced? Its sad and yes, that picture says it all and I can seewhy you will treasure it all your life.
Your family is adorable and I can see the love. Thank you so much for sharing. God bless.

Stacy Curran said...

Oh, I SO want to answer you, but your comment is a "no reply blogger" address. Email me from your personal email ANY time and I tell you more ( BUT, for now, 64 is absolutely NOT too young for dementia. It is rare that it would be the Alzheimer's form at that age, but certainly possible. It's really important to get it checked out though, because very easily treatable things like vitamin deficiencies, or larger things like strokes, can cause dementia that is treatable and NOT Alzheimer's. And if it does happen to be caused by something less treatable, early discover is crucial because there are medicines that can sometimes help. Please continue to urge her to see a doctor! And please email me any time. I'm thinking of you and your sister.

Anonymous said...

I too dislike the color of the year! Too pinkish. How the heck are these colors selected anyway? Is there a wizard behind the curtain? If so, let's expose him/her!
Bethany A.
Red Wing, MN

Calypso In The Country said...

You are right, we really must cherish the times we have with our loved ones. On a lighter note - love those cookie attempts! And no, I will not be putting that purple in my home...Best wishes for the new year!
Cheers! - Shelley

Kay said...

Thanks for sharing the pictures of your family. I have one (from ten years ago) in my heart that I didn't snap of my dad with my mom cuddled in his lap. She was maybe where your mom is now. Didn't really know us, but knew in small flashes. This illness is a thief in the night. Difficult beyond words.

Pics of your kids on Christmas are so sweet. Thanks for sharing them with us.

As for the orchid? YUCK!!!!!! I am NOT an orchid person. And I agree with Bethany from Red Wing, above.

Happy New Year!


Sandra Garth said...

Sweetest post ever Stacy, Happy New Year!!

Merlin said...

Oh, our dear Stacy, it is just so painful. This is the first time in my (long) life that my Mother has not heard me say, "Merry Christmas, Mom" (her VERY favorite holiday) because of Alzheimer's. She is a 1000 physical miles away and I can ONLY PRAY she is in a better place in her own mind. It has been just an awful, awful year for her. Our beautiful miracles (kiddos)and are what keeps us looking forward. Your cookies...well, that's another story altogether. :) Practice! :) franki

Katherine said...

Home is where the heart is. Your Mother will always be home with all of you, because you will never let her go from your hearts.
It was so nice to read about your family Christmas.

And..... what was Pantone thinking with Radiant Orchid. Not my favourite either.

Margaret said...

I've a pair of shoes in almost the same shade as the Radiant Orchid, but a whole room?????? Not going to happen anywhere around here. Though we were just watching House Hunters International and the young woman did her bedroom in colors that were close!

The picture of your parents is totally a keeper. While it's no doubt stressful, this photo shows that whether or not she recognizes him at the moment, she at least is trusting enough still to stay close. It's a wonderful, loving picture.

You're just an amazing woman and I love looking forward to your posts! Happy Holidays - MMR

Laura Roe said...

I love this pic of your mom and dad. It will become one of your favorites, I' ll bet. So sweet! Alzheimer's is a terrible disease. I am a neuro ICU nurse and we see it all the time...! Bless you and yours! Laura

Indians in Australia said...

I had to tell her what the family was thinking as I cried telling her but she has not done anything about it and her Hubby is sweeping it under the rug so to speak. said...

Merry Christmas, Stacy. What a blessing your family is, and your dad, to have that look of love on his face.

Shirley@Housepitality Designs said...

Stacy, I so loved seeing the pcs of your beautiful family. The picture of your mom and dad speaks a thousand words of the love they have for each other. Yes, so bittersweet.

And no I do not like this year's color. I have seen it used with different shades of green. Who determines the Pantone color. A panel of designers? I think they missed it this year!

Scat said...

Thanks so much for your reply. I did in fact talk to my sister again even tellingher what you said about vitamins, etc. She didnt seem that interested in listening. Her daughter and I are going ot cal her doctor and and give him the whole story.Thanks again and my email is:

Elizabeth@ Pine Cones and Acorns said...

Stacy, this post broke my heart. I am sorry to hear about your mom, I have been thinking about you this week as my husband and I spent time with his parents. Their dementia and forgetfulness is age related but it is so very sad to watch, they cannot remember so many things.

Lets no dwell on that, your mother is blessed to have you and your family and although it is no consolation I am sure your happy memories with her will make you smile.

Happy new year. Thank you for sharing your talents and beauty.

KL eternalicons said...

Hi Stacy, I lost my FIL to this cruel disease this year, although many would say we lost him many years earlier. I disagree, the rare moments of clarity are cherished memories and he always responded to music, touch and love. The photo you shared is so beautiful, my FIL was abandoned by his partner at the onset of the disease which broke his heart, thank god he didn't remember the details.... Have a lovely Christmas with your gorgeous family, x kl

Stacy Curran said...

Oh no, I'm so sorry to hear how many people are going through or have gone through the exact same thing. I agree with you 100% that the moments of clarity, although rare, still come, and they mean the world to me. That's is so horrible about the abandonment - I'm very lucky to say my dad has stepped up in every way possible. I'm glad your FIL had you :)