Disney Family Vacation, 2014

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

I promised you Disney photos, so here they are. Back to decorating posts tomorrow, I promise!

The best family photo I got, on the boat to one of the parks:

The Dolphin Hotel, where we stayed:

Ellie contemplating her day:

And bothering Daddy while he tries to answer emails before the parks:

Bobby is 13 and walks like this with her all the time:

Winning the Buzz Lightyear game:

Before the Star Wars 3D virtual reality ride - it was amazing!

I'm so proud of Ellie for singing before a judge for American Idol (at her age, it's not real of course):

Mommy and Ellie:

I love how she points at everything she sees:

In the Harry Potter Castle, which was the best thing I saw - truly amazing!

Jurassic Park:

 On the boat:


Daddy THINKING he is winning Buzz Lightyear (Ellie won with the highest score you can get). So not flattering of Patrick, but I love it because I think everyone I know that's been to Disney has the exact same photo of the dad trying so hard to beat his kid :)

It rained one day, but it was still fun:

Again, thinking he won (he didn't):

Pretending to leave us for a beer at Epcot:

That's it! Thanks for being interested and asking to see photos :)

Jennifer@ClassicStyleHome said...

These are priceless! I love how much your kids love each other. My boys would rather beat each other, lol. Love taps? I toured the Dolphin when I lived in Orlando for a wedding spot. We ended up in the Keys, but it is such a memorable place for me. Looks like you had a great time!

Katherine said...

Good pictures of everyone have fun together and so many hugs - that is really nice.