Manic Monday (#3)

Sunday, January 26, 2014

I hope you all had a great weekend. It is absolutely frigid here and I'm so ready for summer. Of course, I'll also be the first to complain that it's too stinking hot.

So yesterday my daughter told me she'd rather have a newly designed room than a puppy for her upcoming birthday. Hallelujah!! Because you know that puppy would be mine and I don't have time to care for it.  Just as I was rejoicing, she dropped the bomb. Number #1 on her wish list for her new room: carpeted walls. Yup, you read that right. It ain't happening of course, but I haven't broken that to her yet :)

Enjoy the beautiful rooms - I find all of these rooms inspiring in one way or another:


And how awesome are these!?

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Katherine said...

Hmm, maybe your daughter will settle for wallpaper. The good news is she is interested in design.

Emma said...

That sounds like a great birthday gift for your daughter. You two will get to design the room together and it'll be a great and memorable project for the ages. Fun!

I'm seeing a lot of Saarinen Tulip tables lately and loving them. Went to a Saarinen exhibit at the modern design museum here last year and it was really cool.

Merlin said...

I love your daughter's ingenuity! You may have to, don't laugh..I purchased this door mat with a "photo" imprint (old fashioned sleigh)...said, hmmm...this would be pretty, hubby said, "I can do that." Took apart a weathered screen door, used that for a frame..scars and all and you is "pretty cool!" franki

Scat said...

What a funny idea - carpet on the walls. Kidz! haha!

Sandra Lee said...

Carpeted walls sounds like something my granddaughter would ask for. She's been asking for a puppy for years. I don't think anything furry on four legs or her walls is in her future. I would love to recreate the orange tablescape!

Karen Fields said...

Oh my gosh! I am in love with the elegance of all of these rooms. I think my favorite is the kitchen with the dark island and the marble counter tops! That's what I'll be going for when I finally remodel my kitchen.

carolyn bradford said...

I was always glad my daughter and I had the exact same taste! Even now I try to get her to tell me what SHE wants! LOL! She just turned 27! I guess I should be flattered! We had the best time ever re-doing her room while she was a sophomore in college…it is my favorite room in our house! Maybe I should take pics one day! Have fun with your daughter!