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Sunday, January 12, 2014

Any of you who have visited this blog often know that I rarely write a lot. It is mostly a blog for design lovers like me who want to look rather than read. However, sometimes I feel like writing, and hope that you sometimes feel like reading - and if you don't, no worries, just skip to the images!  I also throw in some personal things sometimes, but not too often (like herehere and here and here). And of course updates to my house (here and here and here and here and here and here), and do-it-yourself projects (here, hereherehere, here here, here, here, here, here, here), and beauty posts (here, here, and here), and other random stuff (here and here and here).  But because the posts are mostly just eye candy, and because I'm terrible at coming up with new titles for the same idea every day, this is how I am going to do things from now on:

Mondays: Manic Monday (#1)
Tuesdays: Tuesday Eye Candy (#1)
Wednesdays: What I Love Wednesday (#1)
Thursdays: Themeless Thursday (#1)
Fridays: 50 Favorites for Friday (on #111 already!)
Saturdays and/orSundays: Weekend Roomspiration (#1)

I've already used a lot of these titles, and because I find myself stuck and keep going back to them, I decided to make them a format, and will be numbering them. I hope they don't bore you to tears.

And of course, when I have personal things, makeovers, do-it-yourself projects, or any other things that don't fit, I'll deviate from this format. But for the most part, this is what you'll see.

So, here we go on the first Weekend Roomspiration (#1):


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Jennifer@ClassicStyleHome said...

I love reading a few personal tidbits. I think it's why I love blogs so much compared to magazines. But, you're right that you can just skip to the pictures if you are short on time or attention, lol.

Scat said...

Oh Stacy your post never bore me not even a little bit.

Merlin said...

Girl..YOU NEVER FAIL..there hasn't been even one of your posts that I haven't gone OMG!! Just keep on rolling!! :) franki

Teresa Hatfield ~ Splendid Sass said...

Had to pin a few of these beauties! You always inspire us, Stacy!

Kay said...

Really Stacy, I don't think we care at all what you call your posts!! I'd open them without titles. Yours is the one blog I NEVER miss. Such great inspiration here.

And I'm a fan of your personal posts, too. :)


KL eternalicons said...

No complaints here darl! I always read and drool over your gorgeous images. The only thing I probably skip over is the post title! X kl

Emma said...

This sounds like a great plan for post titles! The popularity of those titles just means they work well for you.

That blue and gold room looks so regal. I think it's my favorite of all of them in this post, although all of them are great!

designchic said...

I swoon over every image...gorgeous rooms and the second, so beautiful!!

Tresi G said...

Is the Themeless Thursday #1 bedding set available for purchase? I absolutely love this bedding!