Manic Monday (#6)

Monday, February 17, 2014

How awesome is the gold cone light in the first photo? I see theme everywhere, but the best price is Williams Sonoma Home in case you are looking (still a lot though)...

Bashian Rugs - literally my favorite brand, they remind me of Stark but at a fraction of the price:

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Emma said...

That gold cone pendant is pretty awesome and matches the tablescape well.

I'm also really liking the Ballard Designs room that is light blue with Greek key furnishings and rustic appeal. Oh, and the Sarah M. Dorsey Designs space--the geometric light, the wallpaper, the orchids...beautiful.

Merlin said...

Hmmm....I just purchased a black shade (on sale) with metallic silver inside and I want bronze...think I'm going to try to "spray paint" it...gulp...franki