What I Love Wednesday - My New Foyer Chandelier (And More)

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

My new chandelier went up yesterday to replace the one we lost in the fire.  I love it, except I hate the bulbs (too bright and FROSTED!) and hate the photos. But I have to show you anyway :) I'll get better daylight ones today. I couldn't yesterday because it literally took three electricians all day long to install it. They had to build scaffolding to get to it. It was very stressful, but here it is, at night with terrible phone pics. It looks too small from some angles, but in person I think it's right:

 And here is one daytime one that Ellie just took for me as I typed :)

It's from Restoration Hardware, size medium. Do you like? I hope so!

 Here's the eye candy. Happy Wednesday everyone!

Great spring color:

 And you know I'm a sucker for lighting:

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Emma said...

Love the bathroom in the third photo...the blue ceiling reminds me of the ocean and it uses a chandelier very well! Plus that nook in the fourth photo is super stylish--Saarinen table, Lucite chairs, great lighting, oh my!

The neutral dining area with pretty pink flowers and throw pillows shows how easy it is to add color into a neutral room, too.

Jennifer@ClassicStyleHome said...

I love your new chandelier! I bet it looks great from outside too since it's perfectly positioned in front of the window.

The enchanted home said...

Like it? I LOVE it....gorgeous choice. Congrats, love getting new lighting!

Eliza Beth said...

Hi Stacy,
Your new chandelier is beautiful! Who made it? It would be perfect for my living room!

Loved the #13 the kitchen with all the windows, #19 the elaborately framed mirror, #22 the staircase, and #29 the laundry room photos -- the best. I always have my favorites among the eye candy:)

Scat said...

Yes, M'aam love the new chandy. Gosh it's perfect for that spot with the window right there it's stunning!

Maria Foley said...

Love your new chandelier! It looks perfect for the space.

Cyn T said...

Gorgeous Chandelier Stacy.....Great Taste! Cheers!

Suzan Sweatman said...

It's gorgeous Stacy - absolutely gorgeous!!!

Teresa Hatfield said...

I LOVE IT, Stacy! Gorgeous.
And thanks for the images, I pined several.

Merlin said...

Your "chandie" is a KEEPER!! Love everything about it! franki

Sandra Garth said...

Love knowing that some of the eye candy belongs to you, gorgeous chandy!! The pink bolster pillow with the Greek key trim also caught my eye. Happy Wednesday!

Katherine said...

Love the chandelier. Great choice.

Taylor Greenwalt said...

stacy...i love the new chandelier...it looks beautiful!

Karen T. said...

I seriously love your new chandelier!

Karen T.

Tery H said...

I love your new chandelier! If you think it's too bright can you put a dimmer on the the switch? I did that in my diningroom and it worked! I think the bulbs created such a bright concentrate spot of light and dimming them softened it.

Looks great in your photos. I am sure it's stunning in person.