What I Love Wednesday: Beautiful Restaurant Bars

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

What's better than an elegant hotel or restaurant bar to see and be seen? Amiright? Fortunately, my husband and I enjoy the bar scene equally (NOT clubs though - I was born too old for those). No, we prefer a bustling but not too loud place with dim lights, people our age or a little younger, but not too much, and great food.  In fact, we almost always eat at the bar instead of at a table because we don't like to be rushed, even if it is in our own mind, worrying about turning tables over. That's not too picky, right? Here are some that I LOVE (you can trace them through the images link if you want the names - most are NY and Chicago):

Susan Shaw sale - tons of items under $29:

And lots of great neutrals at really low prices:


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Emma said...

The nautical-style bar with the ropes and pendant lights is really cool! I also like the industrial looking space where exposed-bulb lights are snaking around the wall on pipes. All of these bars are so stylish.

Sandra Lee said...

I have clearly led a sheltered life these bars are amazing. Management would have to put me out.

Merlin said...

"SALUTE'!!" franki