Weekend Roomspiration #13

Saturday, March 8, 2014

One more day on this - it's only $259 with free shipping:

And yesterday was the time I've ever seen a kid's furniture flash sale, and there are not one, but TWO:

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Merlin said...

Right ON! franki

Sandra Garth said...

If I had the bathroom with the chaise all I would need is a small fridge and microwave. There would be no need to come out. It is gorgeous!!

Eliza Beth said...

Love that bathroom with the chaise lounge!

And I'm noticing that whenever a room has enormous windows that I think it's beautiful!

Have a good Saturday, Stacy!

Karena Albert said...

Have a great weekend Stacy!
2014 Artists Series

The enchanted home said...

Lots to love as always...have a wonderful weekend!

Emma said...

Oh so beautiful! I really like the space with the multiple Sputnik-style chandeliers!