Weekend Roomspiration #13

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Ending Tomorrow:

 and Aerin lauder - I can't afford it, but maybe you can!

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Eliza Beth said...

Good Sunday morning to you, Stacy!

I love that bedroom that opens up to the library!

taylor greenwalt said...

Some of those kitchens are so wonderful...I had to pin some!

Suzan Sweatman said...

I don't have time to visit anymore ( drowning in renos ) but whenever I do I'm just blown away Stacy - these are spectacular - thanks for sharing!
Have a wonderful week!

Jenny Short said...

I Always love to see your blog. Do you have any photos of garages that have been converted to art studios? That is what I'm doing now in Holland. I like your artsy light fixtures. xo Jenny

Merlin said...

I SO admire your aesthetic eye..it goes without saying!! franki

Emma said...

Lots of stylish and welcoming neutral spaces here. Plus, pretty pops of color help make them look even better!