What I Love Wednesday: CONE LIGHTING!

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

I am always a sucker for lighting.  Recently, as I'm sure you've noticed, cone lighting is showing up everywhere. I absolutely love it, especially when foil lined. This first image is one of my new favorites ever:

And look what's on J&M today!! If I didn't have every last penny of house budget tied up in Ellie's room right now, I'd be all over these:

And ALL of these are ending tomorrow - 
Some of my favorites ever:

Lighting under $230:

Huge mirrors under $400:


Boho rugs:

And my favorite - tons of gems in here:

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Eliza Beth said...

Hi Stacy,
The cone lighting in picture #7's kitchen is my favorite:)

Merlin said...

I SO AGREE with YOU on the metallic lining!!! Just LUV IT!! franki

Emma said...

I too enjoy lighting quite a lot! Love the cones--the white one with the brassy interior in the room with orchids and tulips (and in the kitchen with a marble countertop)? Gorgeous.

Sandra Lee said...

I like cone lighting!