What I Love Wednesday: Progress in My House!!

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Some Home Gods finds to show you. First the art. Guess how much? 

Nope. Less.

Guess again.

Nope. Less.

Ok, I''ll tell you. $60.

And I figured out why when I got it to the parking lot. I have a big car, and there was still no way it was going in. Seriously, you'd need a van or truck to get it home. Or a seriously strong will.

Which I happen to have.  

So I left my son with it at the car (don't freak - he's 13) and walked to the nearest CVS. They didn't have string, so I bought tape. Yep, I taped that baby to the top of my car and drove 20 miles an hour for 22 miles to get it home. My husband almost died when he saw it taped to the car. I guess it was dangerous, but I taped it pretty well, and in my defense, it didn't fall off. So, I rest my case.

Here are the accessories on the table under it, all from Home Gods, too:

I also found this art and the accessories all at Home Gods. I love the succulents at Home Gods. I'm not a fan of fake plants, but I swear, with these, you cannot tell. I'm going to frame the art, and the wall color is temporary:

BTW - that is the $900 table I got for $65 in the deal of a LIFETIME. (Remember, here?) It's actually pretty amazing - no assembly because it is all welded together, really well made, and HEAVY. It's tiny, but I almost can't lift it myself. Now, anyone who would pay $900 might be out of their mind, but it is pretty awesome and I LOVE that I paid $65 :)

And more art, still Home Gods, outside my bedroom. I love the colors:

And onto the big project - Ellie's room:

Here it was before. I loved this room - it's safe to say it was my favorite child's room I ever did. I poured my heart into it, hand painting the flowers on the walls, the knobs, a flower border on the crib when it was there, the stripes, etc. It was such a bright and cheery room:

But then she turned six. And had. To. Have. Pink. 
But I did like that it was just pops of pink, and I loved this room, too:

And now, onto the last renovation of this room. Ever. (Do you hear me, Ellie?)  This is her birthday present when she turns 9 in a few weeks. It was that or a puppy, so when she saw the photo of the built in bed and begged for it, OVER A PUPPY, I said yes faster than you can imagine. Here it is in progress:

Notice the carpet is new.
Here is the corner chair, still available from JM.
It was too green, so I spray painted it blue:



And here is the desk I did a while ago. Details here.

And this is the area rug to tie in the green from the windows:
(You can find it here)

The built in bed opening:

 Here is the working plan:

And built but not painted (or done up - of course it will have curtains, accessories, etc).  When its done, I have to go out on the roof outside her window to get a photo from far enough away to show the whole thing:

(The attempt at beading for the chandelier was a disaster. Please ignore)

I love it because she has a cozy little sleeping and reading area, but also has a ton of space to play in the center of the room. 

And she ADORES it, which matters most. She had her best friend sleep over in the pull out trundle the day it was built.

 And finally, one quick thing I bought for my dining room - the tablecloth. Total impulse buy, and I know it's a bit weird, but I love it :) It's not shiny in real life, which is good:

I hope you enjoyed my updates. I have another big one coming - wainscoting throughout the entire foyer and upstairs hall, from the top of this post, painted, what else, white!

By FAR my favorite sale right now - love the new styles:

And for furniture - Hooker Furniture at great prices:

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The enchanted home said...

Wow you have been one busy lady!!I laughed out loud envisiing you running to CVS and madly taping the painting to the car..SO CLEVER OF YOU! I too, have a will of steel and could so see myself doing that as well...too funny then imagining your husbands expression! BUT look how gorgeous it looks...so worth the loooong trip home!
LOVE your daughters room and what you are doing...cannot wait to see the end result to an already beautiful room.....always something good happening over there.

Home change Home said...

Oh my! I loved you're projects!! And I have to say the effect of the weird tablecloth is beautiful! I wouldn't there ( or would I ?! ) but I love it!
Good works

Home change Home said...

By the way, congratulatios for the idea of tapping the painting to the car ... what a LOL!!!

Emma said...

That is an incredible amount of determination and will to get that art home--but it was totally worth it. (HomeGoods should have a truck rental service like Home Depot does, though, for folks who are buying large things but don't have large cars or easy access to them!)

Those succulents are fake? I couldn't tell by looking at them. That might be a good idea for our home!

I like that little pink desk and the lamp on top of it. That built-in looks super awesome and I'm glad it's being appreciated!

Jennifer@ClassicStyleHome said...

That tablecloth is amazing!

Your daughter's room is going to be beautiful! I'm redoing my boys rooms right now, too. It's amazing how fast they outgrow their rooms. I "think" I've come up with a plan to make them last. We'll see!

Love the art! I get most of mine at Homegoods, too. And you reminded me of why I still need a huge SUV. If I taped it to the top of my car it would have flown off before I got out of the parking lot, lol.

Eliza Beth said...

Hi Stacy!
Wow, have you been busy!

Loved each of the transformations that you have creatively done for your daughter's room over the years.

The new built-in bed area is wonderful!

Functions so well to have the books behind her head, and to have a trundle underneath for when one of her friends sleeps over!

Looking forward to seeing it finished - AND the wainscoting everywhere!

Merlin said...

What a wonderful day you had!! I absolutely adore what you have done with...everything. THAT TABLE!! We did a "built-in" for our daughter (way back when!) that was all lattice intertwined with flowers/ivy...oh, my!! franki

Anonymous said...

Wow! You really scored big time when the home gods smiled on you ;-). I love all the new goodies and especially the fun table covering. Bet you are going to have a new favorite kids room ever when this one's finished. Pamela

Karena Albert said...

Stacy, Where there's a will there's a way!
Love the art!! I was too late to get the deal of the century table, congrats it is amazing!

The Arts by Karena

Mishelle Cushman said...

I love your designs! You inspire me so much . And taping art on your car , so what I would do to get it home. If there is a will, there is a way!:)

Mishelle Cushman said...

Ps. Digging that tablecloth!:)

Kate Abt Design said...

Stacy - you cracked me up laughing with the artwork. So many us have been there or at least know what it's like when we find a deal and we can't leave it! Your daughters room will be gorgeous. Love the built-in.

Katherine said...

Love the painting! Your trek home reminded me of a BIG canvas print my son bought from IKEA. I was driving a VW cabriolet at the time, we hung on to the canvas for dear life while driving home with it sticking out of the open convertible. Great finds sometimes require effort.

The room for your daughter is shaping into a perfect oasis for a young lady. A cozy spot like that just begs a girl to snuggle down with books.

KL eternalicons said...

I so love the latest (giggle) developments in your daughter's bedroom. Gorgeous! And that extra floor space makes the room appear so much bigger. Clever! You are the BEST bargin hunter....love your new painting and console. We have no similar outlet in Australia; am always frustrated by the well priced and good looking items I see on US blogs such as yours! Will look forward to peeping your wainscotting! x KL

Sandra Lee said...

Seriously Stacy when do you rest? I love your determination and the light blue box on the table is beautiful. Ellie is going to have so much fun in her new big girl room, she's a lucky girl. Love the tablecloth!

Linenqueen said...

First of all would you ask your daughter if I can come and sleep in her bedroom. I am just her emotional age, 9 even though I am actually 78! I always wanted a built in bed, always. They are both beautiful and comforting. Something about safe when you are all enclosed and there is only one place you can fall out.

Now about your dining room. That is one of the most beautiful dining rooms I've ever seen. That chandelier is to die for.