50 Favorites For Friday #124

Friday, April 25, 2014

Update on Ellie's room:
I never had time to paint her built-in bed like I had planned, so I hired a painter who is coming to do it tomorrow, so I'll update again next week. But look what I did this week!! I bought this chandelier for $179 at OKL (HERE

And sprayed it turquoise...it got installed yesterday. We love it :)
Slowly but surely it is coming along.
I have to go out on the roof to get the whole thing in the photo...I'll do it when it's less windy out :)
Oh, and that brown strip is going to be white or pink:

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Katherine said...

What young girl wouldn't love that chandelier in their bedroom. Sweet.

Merlin said...

#1 and #23 made me gasp..and THEN I SAW that new bedroom!! What a find on that chandelier and perfect color! LOVE!! franki

Laura Roe said...

Stacy, your's is one of my very favorite blogs. I save it for when I have time to savor it without rushing. Since we are building a home, I often see a detail I would love to use. However, I am unable to pin the images. No red 'pin it' button comes up when I hover over the top left of image. I do follow you on Pinterest, but I am unable to locate THAT image!😁Any other suggestions? Thanks for all your wonderful posts! Laura Roe