A Color Combination I Love; Gray, White and Beige

Monday, April 21, 2014

H everyone! I hope you all had great Easter weekends. 
My kids are off from school this week, so I'll be scarce :)

BUT I do want to tell you one thing in case you haven't noticed ...
One Kings now has a SEARCH button!
Yay! It's made my life oh so much better.

So, for example, you can search for turquoise rugs (I did), and see 
How great is that??

Another thing I had to search today - "chair" - 929 available!
So I limited it to "gray chair " and got 95. 

I LOVE this feature.

Remember One Kings is  doing a $100 giveaway on this blog HERE

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Jennifer@ClassicStyleHome said...

I love this combo, too. I've been thinking about using this color scheme in the office now that our rug needs to be replaced. It's also such a popular color scheme in Houston. I blame our flagship Restoration Hardware, lol.

Scat said...

Finally a search buton on 1 KL.
that used to make me crazy!
Great pics - thanks for sharing.
Enjoy your children!

taylor greenwalt said...

I love these colors too...so pretty!

Merlin said...

I could use gray/black/brass in every room!! franki

Sandra Lee said...

These are really vibrant colors but they sure pack a punch!