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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Ok, I promised you vacation photos, so here they are. Of course, we didn't take my mom this year because of her overall decline - most regular readers know she has Alzheimer's. She is getting much worse, and has hospice services now. I haven't said much about it lately because it is too hard, and I like this to be a happy place. 

The background is that my parents bought this timeshare on Paradise Island when I was a child, about 35 years ago. They have gone in March for two weeks every year since.  I went with thema few times before college, and then every year or two since. My husband has been coming since the year I met him, when we were 19 and 20. We got engaged there in 1993, and my mom was a big part of that. She went ring shopping with us on Nassau, and both of my parents helped us celebrate the night my husband wrote "Will you marry me?" in the gorgeous sand on Paradise Island. So, this, the first year without my mom there, was incredibly hard on all of us, probably most of all my father. I miss her to death, and would do anything to have her back.

But, as Mom would want, we did still have a great time. Especially the kids, who are less prone to reminiscing and really distracted us with their happiness. Who can be unhappy around a happy child? Watching them have fun made everything ok, somehow.  Here they are, and a few of my husband and me. I didn't include my dad in these because he us still in the Bahamas and I haven't asked him how he feels about it, but we got some keepers of him with the kids, too!

I love these next two - both kids doing what they love most and do best:

Ok, notice how Ellie was very huggy and dancing like a fool in those last few? Well, that was the night she accidentally had a jello shot, not knowing there was vodka in it. Mother of the year right here ;)

Bobby rarely dances (13 and all, you now), but when he does, it's awesome! 

Best one of us - I was happier than I look but annoyed at how long it was taking my dad to push the button already!

The best restaurant on Nassau - Cafe Matisse - you have to go if you ever visit! We've been going so long that they know my dad's name and give him the perfect table every time:

First Pina Colada in the pool, virgin this time ;)

So, that was our trip - nostalgic, sad, a first without mom, but still much needed and appreciated!

And onto the real reason you are here - the beautiful rooms:

I admit I love most lighting sales, but this one I REALLY love:

See you tomorrow!

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taylor greenwalt said...

Stacy, your family is adorable...what cute pictures of your looks like you had a great time!

Cynthia said...

Hi Stacy, these are great photos and your daughter with the jello shot is too priceless!!! I am happy that you took time for all of you to enjoy yourselves. I know this is a trying time for all of you. All my prayers for you and your family, especially mom!


The enchanted home said...

So much gorgeousness!!! Love it all and the family shots are priceless, beautiful kids and gorgeous family Stacy, all the rooms are inspiring!

Merlin said...

I LOVE ELLIE'S DRESS!!! The photos are paradise defined!! When we had our plane we flew to Paradise Island...only once...devil's triangle, etc. It is a most beautiful place. Only matched by your photo selections!! YOU LOOK GREAT!! franki

Jennifer@ClassicStyleHome said...

I love when you post family pictures! Your kids are absolutely adorable and I love the pictures of you with your husband. Very pretty! You're not alone letting your kids have jello shots. My boss said her high school aged son had a few at a party before they realized it. He says he didn't know what they were. My high school self would have known so I'm not sure I believe that, lol!

Laura Roe said...

Stacy, you are cracking me up, being Mother of the Year and all.......:-) I totally enjoy your posts and save them for when I have time to really savor them. It is clear that your kids adore each other. Your mom would be thrilled to know how big a part she played and still plays in your lives. I know how hard it is......keep on keeping on.

Anonymous said...

Hello Stacy,
I am writing you the first fan letter in my life!I must have 200 lovely blogs on my favorites list and it often takes me all month to view them.
The very first blog I look at, is this one.You post large beautiful photos and you are a thoughtful and sweet blogger.Keep up the terrific job. kindest regards,Agnes

Agnes Salvalaggio said...

oops,don't know why it said anonymous,sorry!Agnes

KL eternalicons said...

What beautiful family memories you have made! Your children seem so loving towards on another which is rare. Thanks for another gorgeous post! x KL