Has Anyone Else Ever Spray Painted Directly Into Their Eyes? And Other Fun Stuff (50 Favorites For Friday #126)

Friday, May 9, 2014

A quick question for you all -- did any of you stop getting emails from this blog? I guess if you stopped receiving them, you might not see this. So a better question might be: 

"Is anyone using AOL or Yahoo still receiving emails from me?"

Without getting too technical, there is apparently a dispute between my feed delivery service and those email hosts, and I don't think they're going to work it out.  

I actually hope to have this issue figured out by the time you read this....I changed it so you will be receiving emails from a South Shore Decorating email address and that is supposed to solve it. 
But please let me know!!


So, who has spray painted directly into their own eyes?
Am I the only one with their hand up?

I was spraying this for Ellie's room...there's a mini reveal of her room in yesterday's post:

And a few of you asked me where to get the wood monogram. 
You can find it HERE or search Etsy for "wood monogram" for other sizes.

Ok, onto the 50 favorites:

^ ^ ^ ^
THAT light is on OKL today and I love it (and it's not even that expensive!). I want it for my kitchen!!

My favorites today:

New work from Michelle Armas!!

And high end furniture from Emerson Bentley:

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Karena Albert said...

Are you alright? I Love the monogram! Stacy, What did you do!?

The Arts by Karena

Taylor Greenwalt said...

I'm going to have to come and look at these again...to many great ideas...

Katherine said...

Well the paint didn't affect your eyesight because all of these picks are beautiful. Seriously - I hope that you got your eyes flushed quickly.

Anonymous said...

The monogram is wonderful, but as a graphic artist (formerly at Apple, Inc.) I want to tell you that you have it up side down. If you were to pick it up by the bottom and raise the bottom to the top, you would see that the larger loops of the C and the E belong on the bottom and the pointier parts of the J belong on the top. Super easy mistake to make. Check the fonts on the website you ordered from and you will quickly see. Amazing that all the initials of your daughter's monogram could be flipped vertically.

Sandra Lee said...

Thankfully I'm still getting emails and thankfully I haven't had spray paint in my eyes. Ouch!!!

Merlin said...

Way cool...except the paint business...franki