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Tuesday, May 13, 2014

I turn 44 tomorrow. Bleck.

I used to love my birthday, but not so much this year.  I didn't even mind 40.  But 44 is too close to 45, and we all know what comes next.  So I'm kind if in a funk, but I'll get over it.  My husband is taking the day off and like last year, we are going to the really nice shopping in Natick, MA.  So some retail therapy will help.  Oh, and then we go to the most awesome all you can eat sushi buffet ever. It sounds tacky, but it's ah-maz-ing.

Have a great day everyone!

On a last note, all of the OKL furniture blowouts are ending tomorrow, so last chance for now:



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Home change Home said...

Happy Birthday for you tomorrow. 44 was the best year of my life...magical :) So I recommend it!
Have a beautiful day, the first of the others 364...
Liked the images :)
Big kiss

Kay said...

Wow, what a great post! I switched to the blog from my email so I could very quickly comment and spent ten minutes pinning stuff I had to have. :)

Funny about birthdays, isn't it? I remember 26 was hard because it was getting too close to 30. I really looked forward to 50 as a milestone, but 51 was difficult for me. I'm 63 now and just glad I can still climb ladders and scaffolding.

Enjoy your shopping day and have a great year Stacy!!

<3 Kay

Merlin said...

You gals are so funny...I'm still climbing ladders, too...just hit "that" decade...seventy and climbing.... :) You go Stacy, shopping therapy ALWAYS works for me!!
Happy Birthday Cake!! franki

Maryanne@ The Garden said...

Happy Birthday Stacey, enjoy your special day. My 40's were a wonderful time. You could not have become all you are without that number, so embrace it and celebrate

Katherine said...

How nice that your husband is taking the day to spend with you. Celebrate and enjoy the day. {I have 12 years on you - it's only a number}.

Laurel said...

44 is still very young. look at all that you've done and be proud! Every time I research a blog post, your blog comes up! Each and every time! I'm 58 and feel 28 and act 18. ;] be whatever age you want to be! and


Taylor Greenwalt said...

Happy Birthday my friend...40ish is young...just wait until you get into the that's when Botox looks really appealing!

carolyn bradford said...

Really? Wow! Happy 44th Birthday! Celebrate it to the fullest! Turning 50 just about killed me this year! Oh my! I would give anything to be turning 44! But I understand…getting older isn't easy! But trust me….if you've never trusted me before…enjoy turing 44!

Laurel said...

Hi Stacy,

Thank you so much for your very kind comments on my blog. I'm so completely honored! xo ~ Laurel

diane said...

Happy belated birthday but trust me that you get wiser, calmer and better with each year that follows.