50 Favorites For Friday #129

Friday, June 6, 2014

Hi everyone! I just cleaned up this blog a bit (i.e., the sidebar), and added some important info in the top right tab under the "Policies" link. If you're reading on email, you have to click the name of the post ("50 Favorites....") to see the whole blog with the tabs. Anyway, I explain things like why I post ads on Pinterest, my email policy, why I can't source every item I'm asked about, how to pin, etc. Take a moment to read it if you have questions - I tried to answer all of the frequent questions that I receive. Thank you!!

I don't usually have a theme for my 50 Favorites posts, but for this one, it's pretty glaring - DRAMA. High drama. My favorite style! I hope you enjoy it, and have a great weekend.


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Merlin said...

SIZZLE!! When people ask me my favorite color I say..sparkle!! Drama dreams!! franki

Teresa Hatfield ~ Splendid Sass said...

Now this is some high drama and I pinned a few!
Happy Friday,

designchic said...

Drama indeed…all so gorgeous and the entrance with the round table and the gold chandelier…stunning!! Happy weekend ~