Too Good To Miss

Friday, June 13, 2014

I'm sending you two posts today, this and the 50 Favorites (which actually has 75 white rooms today), so skip ahead if you're not interested in products!

Oh my gosh, can I show you something that I saw this morning that just kills me? 
On one of my affiliate platforms, I can see what OTHER people have linked to and had people buy. Someone (I don't know who) sold this $495 Moroccan pouf through a link to a reader. 
I blacked out the store because I don't want to accuse them of price gouging. It's a store I really like. Maybe it's a REALLY good quality pouf, I don't know.

But $500?? I would NEVER link to that to tell you it's a good thing to buy (it's not!) 

Instead, I always show you these sales, usually flash sales but not always.
But ALWAYS what I think are great prices.

It kills me when people overpay. I think my readers are more savvy than to buy the $500 pouf, but I just wanted to point it out that almost everything is available for less!  These flash sales are the way to go, and I'm getting to a point where almost everything I buy for clients is from one of them.

 And look at that, the same (looking at least) ottoman is in this sale below for $143.
A BIG difference from $500!
And that awesome brass bart cart, sold elsewhere for $1000, is $142:

And here are the other sales going on now - the first ones end tomorrow and the last ones in several days. Click any image to go to the sale:

1. The best preppy sale ever!

2. Summer whites at awesome prices, like the third chair for $349:

3. I LOVE delray Studios - they have very good products at amazing prices, like the gold granite table for $243: 

4. SO affordable - the bart cart is $142!

5. I almost never post vintage sales, but this one is awesome:
6. One of the very best names in furniture design, sold mostly at Layla Grayce and similar stores - Aidan Gray - on a flash sale for the first time 

7. Lovely lighting - Someday I will have the gold ceiling light:

8. An absolutely perfect transitional furniture sale. I used the third gold table in a set of 4 (bunching tables) for my coffee table in my family room. You could do it for less with the gold tables in the third sale in this post, too:

9. My favorite color combo for summer:

10. I am such a sucker for lighting, and these are so inexpensive (in general) but good quality: 

11. Just a very small sample of the luxury rugs in this sale: 

12. Outdoor and indoor (not shown) lake house sale - awesome!!

13. Rugs under $500 - this first in the one I just used in Ellie's room:

You can see the current sales I select every day by clicking this graphic at the end of each post - I update them daily: