Themeless Thursday: Randomly Beautiful Rooms

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Hi everyone! I haven't written any text in a while (sorry), but I wanted to share our weekend with you. We went to Saranac Lake (Adironondacks, near lake Placid), where my mother's family has had a lake house for generations. It was an amazing trip - We saw cousins and aunts and uncles that we haven't seen in forever, and the kids had an absolute blast on the lake. Here are a few favorites of them from the weekend:


And my personal favorite.

Oh Ellie. Worst. Decision. Ever:

On to the eye candy:

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Shanna said...

Gorgeous! I was just up in lake placid racing the ironman. I saw your first picture and thought "hmmm that looks like the Adirondacks!" Such a special place up there!

Katherine said...

Great pictures of the kids having fun. The lake looked like a piece of glass - so calm.
It's nice to get away and connect with family - and I'm sure your Mother was there watching all of you.

Kristy Woodson Harvey said...

Your trip looks so fun! Thanks for sharing. And the rooms are fabulous. I think random beauty is the best kind :)

Diane Haynie said...

Nice to see you enjoying yourself and getting away with family. Love that polka dot lampshade and pillow grouping in that first photo.

Merlin said...

Sweetest memories ever!! franki