50 Favorites for Friday (#147) - All Modern Rooms

Friday, October 3, 2014

I think most people who come to this blog are not huge fans of modern design, so this is a bit of a risky post. But, don't click away just yet - take a look as these really well done examples.  I love almost all design styles as long as they are well done, and modern is no exception. The style is so clean and sophisticated, and always reminds me of hotels, which I love more than almost anything in the world. Do you guys agree? Love it or leave it?

So, I don't love every aspect of eery single room-- most notably, I hate the human looking furniture feet with a passion -- but I do really enjoy the style and feel overall. What do you guys think? Have a great weekend everyone!

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Domestic cleaning Kensington said...

Oh, I'm in love with these rooms! They're just gorgeous! These pictures make me speechless! Thank you for sharing this amazing post!

Segreto Finishes said...

Great examples of modern rooms that aren't stark or cold. I love them all!!
xo. Leslie
Segreto Finishes

Kay dancingbrushpainting.blogspot.com said...

Love LOVE these and modern style in general!

Anonymous said...

Love these rooms - most I've pinned from you in a long time.

Merlin said...

"HEARTS!" Those dark red leather chairs and that SPARKLY wagon wheel chandelier...even MORE "HEARTS!" franki