25 Gorgeous White and Neutral Rooms

Sunday, November 9, 2014

THIS is awesome. Everything for the home - furniture, rugs, lighting, bedding, tabletop - at prices lower than Overstock.

Official Elite Serum Website

The enchanted home said...

Neutral never looked so pretty...hope you are having a wonderful weekend!

Lee said...

They are all lovely rooms, I would have to say my favourite is the very first kitchen... so beautiful.

Lee :)

Anonymous said...

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Sandra Lee said...

I love neutral rooms. My kids are waiting on us to jump on to the deeply hued bandwagon. We tried once with a deep wine color in the dining room. It lasted about 24 hours. The pops of color in picture #3 add lots of interest. #6 is beautifully bold and hopefully one day we'll take the leap.