A Sincere Thank You, An Apology, And Why I've Deleted 10,000 Pinterest Followers

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

First, I don't know what I did to deserve such wonderful readers, but I must've done something good in a past life. You guys have all been so kind and generous with your time and stories and thoughts over the years, including right up until yesterday with thoughts on my recent bedroom changes. I truly appreciate each and every comment. I also want to thank you all for agreeing with me on the rug and the darker curtains haha :)

Second, I owe so many of you an apology for missing your comments in the past month or so, and for failing to respond to the many questions in them. I'm so sorry!

My blogging platform has apparently blocked the vast majority of your comments recently and has thrown them into the spam folder. I didn't notice until last night. I feel so awful because you guys took the time to write comments and must have thought I was never going to answer. I promise I will always answer your comments, especially if you have a question, even if it is to tell you I don't know.

If for some reason you ever have asked a question and didn't get a response, or if you have one in the future and don't get a timely response, please please please feel free to email me directly stacycurran at gmail - thank you and I'm sorry! (PS- I have a lot of questions to answer from old posts so give me a few days and I'll get to them all!)

Third, my Pinterest. 
Let's just say it was a MESS. I cleaned it up last night, meaning I deleted extraneous boards (I had 7 boards of black rooms, all under slightly different names, for example). And so on. So although it was difficult, I did my very best to pare it down, clean it up, and organize it into about 50 boards that I plan to actually pin to. In doing that, I lost about 10,000 followers. It was hard to do that, until I realized that those followers are not getting any benefit from following anyway, since they were only following boards that I rarely, if ever, pin to. So the numbers really don't matter, and I think this way people who follow will come more organically and will benefit more from following.

Here is where you can follow any/all of the boards, and like I said, I plan to use all of them:

I have 9 boards that are non-decorating related. You can click any of them below to go directly to them to see if you are interested in following:


Ok enough housekeeping! What I really want to talk about today is fur.  I know there are political and philosophical differences about whether we should use animal fur for anything, but that's not what I want to write about. I inherited 4 fur coats from my mother, some of which were her mother's. They are very old and apparently not worth much because of the age. Anyway, there are two minks, a sable, and a beaver. They are not something that my sister and I would likely wear, so I have been trying to sell them.

It's actually been really hard because they still smell like my mother's perfume and it breaks my heart. So anyway, I was researching last night what you can use old furs for and found some really cool ideas. My sister owns them jointly with me so I am hoping I can talk her into something like this:


This would be so easy and we could have matching ones:


Jacket collars?

Scarves or neck warmers?



What would you guys do? I like the neck pieces and bags!

My favorites sales today:

marty (A Stroll Thru Life) said...

I love the bags, how cool are they and I also love the vest. Jennifer did an amazing job with her ottomans, and I think they fit her home to a tee. I have an old fur too, let me know what you decide to do and where do you get bags made?

Katherine said...

I like the idea of taking the furs and making them into a couple of foot stool/poofs. They would be great throw cushions too.

Karena Albert said...

These are all great ideas for the furs you and your sister inherited from your Mother. I am sure that I need to clean up my Pinterest account as well!

The Arts by Karena

CM Design Gallery said...

I like the neck warmers and actually the throw blanket. The throw blanket maybe something that would look nice in your new bedroom..throw it over your sofa or lounge chair..Please share pictures when you decide..

Richelle Milton said...

Such a timely post, Stacy. I, too, have been looking to re-purpose some hand-me-down fur pieces. I like the vest idea the best and have been wanting to do just that. Finding a furrier has been a challenge and I may just re-make it myself. Any pins on how to work with fur? Haha! Love your posts, as always!!

louk said...

I love the vest and the bags. How hard would it be to sew them???
New to your blog but enjoying it so much! I'm on the South Shore of Boston too!

diane said...

As a non fur wearer I love the idea of keeping something that was your Mom's in your home via a couple of throw pillows that are so trendy right now, an ottoman as shown or a fun throw for the foot of the bed. that way she would always be near.

Anonymous said...

Hi Stacy. I bought a lovely fur from antique shop. I put a more contemporary spin on it by removing sleeves to make it a gilet. Then I simply sewed the sleeves together to make a snood /neck piece. The neck piece is fab on warmer days. Kind regards. Sharon.

Tery H said...

Hi Staci! Love the neck pieces - so chic. I think I would make a few throw pillows. You could use them now and pass on to your daughter when she gets older.

I think since you said they are worth much turn them into a sentimental piece. That is worth so much!

Linda Pakravan said...

All great ideas! I really like the neck warmers and collars. Love that bench transformation.

Segreto Finishes said...

I love the neck wraps, especially the infinity style - just set atop your sweater and you're cozy & stylish. Best of luck with the coats, it would be nice to make something you could enjoy regularly!
xo. Leslie
Segreto Finishes

Maresc said...

I used the mink from my mother's stole made into a teddy bear for my daughter which we will be able to pass down to future generations.

Merlin said...

Well..I am loving my "fur throw"...and after that...just "down size" it to a vest, or pillows, or... franki

Calypso In The Country said...

Love the furs - now that November is here I am finally accepting that winter is coming! Enjoy the rest of your week!

Sandra Lee said...

About an hour ago I was downstairs pulling pieces for a winter wedding tablescape and the one thing I wanted was fur. How timely is this!!!