Take 2 of "Look What I Made!!" (AKA "When Will I Learn to Follow Directions?")

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

I never follow directions. Even when we get a new tv, I go straight to the back and start randomly hooking up cables until it works. Don't ask me why I do it. I just do. It drives my husband crazy. 

Same thing with my recent project - DIY clay rings trays. I briefly skimmed the tutorial (here), and then promptly forgot it. So on my first try (yesterday's post), my colors were way too squished together and they didn't really come out that great.  So, I went back to the drawing board and read the directions. What a difference it makes! Technique in rolling the clay really matters. Who knew.

I'm in love with today's results, and dare say they look almost as good as the originals!

The photos are outside, and there is definitely a bluish tint to the background. No idea why, but the dish colors are fairly accurate:

I learned a few of things this time:

1. You can sand the edges when it cools down - it's hard to get a clean edge

2. Spray gloss doesn't stick

3. Clear nail polish does!

4. Rub 'n Buff is awesome, but messy. If you want a neater look, go with the original liquid leaf and a small brush.

5. Almost every one needs a little black clay for definition.

Back to room posts tomorrow - I promise!

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Emma said...

I've been thinking of making these and it's good to see how someone else did them...directions or no directions ;)

As for the bluish tint, is it sunny out today? Natural sunlight has a very high color temperature and the higher the color temperature, the bluer the light can appear.

Anonymous said...

Wow they turned out amazing!
P.S. I saw where you can take those swirly stone things you posted a few days ago,and use them as coasters.

The enchanted home said...

Wow you are amazing, those are so pretty...you could sell those!

pam {simple details} said...

They look so awesome, Stacy! What a fun project to do with your daughter, too! I want to try! :)

Merlin said...

They really are lovely!! franki

Taylor Greenwalt said...

I cant believe you made those..great job!

Sandra Lee said...

Wow Stacy these are very nice! I'm the same way directions and it drives my husband bonkers also.