50 Favorites for Friday #158

Friday, December 26, 2014

Hi everyone-  I hope those of you who celebrate Christmas all had a wonderful day yesterday. For those of you, and I know there are many, who experienced your first one without a loved one, like I did, I was thinking of you. I'm sure like in my family, their presence was sorely missed. Our day was marked with many tears for my mother, but also a great deal of gratitude for what we have, and love for each other. (My wonderful father signed all his gifts, "Love forever, Mom and Dad," which I can barely type without crying.  Anyway, I truly hope your days were as blessed.  


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Merlin said...

"Like a horse and carriage..."
Luv'd the *sigh* worthy photos, again!!

Katherine said...

Your Mother will always be with you, it's wonderful that your Father signed the card acknowledging that.
I remember when you wrote about your dad last year - he really has a huge heart.

Great images - thanks for sharing.

brenda murphy said...

Thoughts are with you. May this poem bring you peace. xob

Fiona Christine said...

Beautiful rooms Stacy. Sorry about your mom.