What I Love Today

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

I've been battling a cold since Thanksgiving, and it keeps coming and going. Today is a rough day - sore throat and headache, so I'm not going to type much.  Wishing you all a happy Tuesday though!

Merlin said...

Ugh! I "almost" feel your pain...it's that "end of the year hex"...don't get sick all year and then BAM...December. Do what I'm doing...in bed...electric blanket ON! :) franki

Katherine said...

I'm suffering the dreaded cold big time right now and want it over so I can get on with Christmas prep. Hope you feel better soon.

Nice collection of images with some natural patina.

Karena Albert said...

Oh some very luxurious bedrooms and I love that velvet nook look!
Feel better soon Stacy!

The Arts by Karena

Sherry Calamia said...

Such beautiful inspirations, as always! Hope you feel better soon!

Sandra Lee said...

Hope you're feeling better! These luxurious bedrooms would be great to relax in.