50 Favorites for Friday #160 (Blushing Pink Edition)

Friday, January 9, 2015

First, I like to periodically thank the people who comment by email and those who have anonymous profiles or no response profiles. The email comments don't show up here, and for the anonymous or no reply addresses, I can't thank you here. So, Frankie, FC from Pinterest, Melanie from Facebook and so many others.....thank you guys so much for reading and commenting! 


Secondly, this post is heavily inspired by people I follow on Pinterest, most notable Kathy Sue at Good Life of Design and is a must-follow pinner (here) and The French Bed Company, who owns the bed images here - thank you for the inspiration!


When we were children, my sister and I had really beautiful bedrooms. Mine was bright pink with two twin beds and hers was bold yellow with a full-size bed - both large scale 70's floral of course. I always remember being jealous because she had room for a floor mirror and I did not.  I also envied her double size bed rather than the twins I had. I assume she was jealous of my room as well, but I haven't asked her.

One of the things that I was most jealous of, though, was the fact that I got very sick of my color, pink. It was probably partially because of the style – pink rug, wallpapered pink walls, and an explosion of pink floral fabrics on the bed, bedskirt, and windows. And my mother was so funny -When carpets or wallpaper needed replacing in our house, she replaced them with the exact same product. I remember we had this really bold wallpaper that was white with green and blue flowers all over it in the foyer for about 20 years. I came home from college one day and it looked a little bit different and I asked, "Mom, what happened to the wallpaper?  And she got excited and said "Hh! It's new! Can't you tell?1" Well yes, it was new, but it was the exact same pattern so it really just looked cleaner. 

Anyway, all of that backstory was prologue to why I have never really loved pink in my adult life, at least for more than an accent color. I just got so darn sick of it.  But these recent images have completely 100% changed my mind and I'm back in love with pale, blushing pink:


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Karen M. said...

Stacy....great choices as always! I love how you categorize your posts! In particular, this one was especially helpful because it was easy to see the many different ways blush pink can be used in a variety of settings. As I write this, I'm staring at my beloved Company Store duvet I purchased 21 years ago when I got married. It is a cabbage rose print on a faded grey-blue ground with blush pink and dusty rose flowers, and I love it as much now as I did when I first got it! My Scandanavian-inspired husband seems to be OK with it, but I might be persuaded to go his way and add a few touches of blush pink to a simple white and black scheme.
I particularly liked the picture you posted of the pink pillows on the brown bergere, and dark leather sofa. It really brightened and feminized a dark room, typical of what we so often see in our area, desperately in need of jolts of color!

Kathysue said...

STACY! THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR MENTIONING MY NAME AND PINTEREST BOARDS. I pinned away and added many of your images to my PINK board. So glad you like my paint color choice for 2015. I love your vote of confidence!! Happy weekend and again, Thank you,
xo Kathysue

Pura Vida said...

I can't get over that sheep looking at the cowhide...how cute! And I have a pinterest board..."BLUSH"....can't wait to pin most of these!

Katherine said...

I always think that blush is the grown up girls pink. It's soft, feminine with a bit of creamy grey playing underneath.
I have to admit that when I see something (anything really) in blush, I get excited.

Scat said...

I too love pale pink. 8 love powder blue, gold, silver, and WHITE!

Very nice photos!


Carrie @ Cosy Carolina Interiors said...

Such pretty inspiration! I had pink everything growing up too and really didn't like for it a long time either. Funny story about your mom; when you like something, you stick with it!

Merlin said...

Pink...ALL GROWN UP!!! franki

Diane Haynie said...

I don't know what it is about soft pink but there is just something so appealing about it regardless of our ages. I don't really wear it and I don't have it in our home but it always catches my eye so thanks for all the pink eye candy. My little granddaughter would be thrilled!

Fiona Christine said...

I'll take the powder, you can keep the ice! Have fun this weekend ;-)
Fiona C

Sandra Lee said...

This is the way to do pink!