New and Better House Pictures With a New Camera!!

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Finally, finally, after years of shooting with the iPhone (I know, it was a crazy thing to do in this business), I asked for a new camera. After much research, I ended up with the Canon Rebel T5i.  I got it on eBay with the lens, and it is AWESOME. I'm using it as a point and shoot for now, until I can learn it. (But really, I'm not kidding anyone - those who know me know I'll never learn it for real. The only thing still in the plastic it came in is the user's manual.)

But look at the difference! And this is just in the auto mode:

I can't recommend it highly enough (so far, anyway). 

Since I've been showing you the bedroom a lot recently, let me show you a few quick images I took this morning. As usual, it's IN PROGRESS and a mess, so please don't judge the room yet!

Ad a couple of others I took today to try the camera:

I only wish I had upgraded sooner.

What do you all use for a camera?

AWSOME new sales today:


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mcm said...

hi stacy, happy new year!
i use a canon T4i and love it. :D
your home looks great; i am coveting your blue/white/gold bowl and vase!

The enchanted home said...

WOW!! MAJOR difference, soo funny I got the same camera!! I have only taken a few pics and so far I am loving the quality. Like you I got used to using my ipad and iphone but truly nothing beats a "real" camera!! Your home is just stunning.

Emily Brookes said...

Wow, what a difference! I agree that its definitely worth it to use a good camera- your photos look great, and you bedroom is lovely :)
Emily xx
Emily May Designs

Merlin said...

WOW! Who, YOU DO!! franki

Segreto Finishes said...

Your home is clearly beautiful but the camera really helps show it off!! Gorgeous!
xo. Leslie
Segreto Finishes

Jennifer@ClassicStyleHome said...

The difference is amazing! I have a Nikon that I bought about seven years ago. I really got into learning how to take pictures in manual for a while and then stopped. I'm finally starting to get back into it. There are a lot of tutorials, but I learned the best through the manual and trial and error.

Fiona C said...

Hey, the new couch under the window! Much better scale and chic. Is it velvet? I have a thing for velvet. The room is really starting to look cohesive and the new camera certainly makes a difference. I have a Canon & a Sony but I can never be bothered, so inevitably use my iPhone which takes awful pics.

Further to your comment the other day, no I am not, but sometimes I too, think of myself as one! ;-) I was exposed to beautiful surroundings, art and objects early on as well as a great deal of travel, so the visual aesthetic of spaces and places is important to me. I appreciate more than one genre or style as long as it's at a taste level that I can tolerate. But my personal style is probably only represented by a small percentage of my pins.

Karen T. said...

Wow! What a difference your new camera makes! Your room is beautiful! And, where did you get the pretty blue, white, and gold bowl and vase? Home Goods?

Karena Albert said...

Fabulous Stacy! Where did you get the stunning blue and white vessels!?
The Arts by Karena

Pura Vida said...

your bedroom looks like a glamour camera needs an photos leave a lot to be desired!

Stacy Curran said...

Lol took me so long to replace my camera because I was lazy and just used my phone! Yes to the velvet- I love velvet too. You could have an alternate career as a designer. I love your style, at least what you show on Pinterest :)

Sandra Lee said...

I got the same camera for Christmas and have also been using it like a point and shoot. There is so much to get used to and I should really take a class. Your pictures look great.