Did You Know Concrete Could Look This Good? It's Gorgeous!

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Using concrete in design has been around forever, but with the increased popularity of industrial looks, I think it is even more fashionable than ever. I have never done it, so I can't speak to comfort, but I do love the look. Have any of you ever used it? I'd love to hear about it if you have....

These two sales are my favorites this week (well, with the Stark rugs, too). Some weeks I'm a little bored with the flash sales, but I love that there are a lot of new items this week:

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Jennifer@ClassicStyleHome said...

There is a model home for sale in our town that has concrete countertops. I would have never known by the way they finished it with the dye. It looks like a beige version of soapstone. A family member of mine poured her own and she loves them. We must have a DIY gene running in our family!

Karena Albert said...

Stacy I am loving this look and concrete can be finished in so many ways, even carved beautifully!

Have a super weekend. I will be watching House of Cards!

The Arts by Karena

Anonymous said...

Oh wow, what neat designs to do concrete works like that in the home. It's something that I actually have been meaning in my home especially a concrete laundry mat. I wonder though, would a concrete contractor be able to do that type of work?