I Love This Idea!! (DIY Art and Better Curtains for a Lot Less Money)

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

I was in Marshall's today looking for silk or faux silk scarves to frame for my foyer, and boy did I hit pay dirt!  I found these four scarves (the top green one I got on ebay and I will use it somewhere else):

Here are cropped closeups of them together. It's hard to picture, but they will look so much better ironed and framed. I will probably use 3 of these 4, but I'm not sure which three yet:

I hope it looks as good as I am picturing, which is something like these inspiration photos:

Next, I walked by the tablecloths and decided to take a look. I don't usually buy them, so I wasn't that familiar with sizes. It turns out a lot of them are 60" x 84". Well, guess what else is 84" long? Most curtains. Hmmmm.....

Most of them are bolder than I would ever do on a window, but you could cut them and frame them or use them as a shower curtain. Even the 84" lengths are about 25% wider than a standard curtain, which is nice, too.   
I love this for a shower curtain:

And these colorful ones for shower or window curtains, especially for kids' rooms:

But some were perfect for neutral room windows, too.  Like these Calvin Klein ones - I opened that back and I swear it is thicker and nicer than most store bought curtains, and sooo much less money:

Have any of you ever framed scarves or used tablecloths as curtains? It sounds so tacky, but they were really nice and I'd love to try it.

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Kathysue said...

I have not done either, but I have suggested curtains and shower curtains for their use of fabric. A friend of mine has done framing of a scarf and it looked fantastic, both very good ideas.

Karena Albert said...

Great finds and super artful idea with the scarves. Love the tablecloth as curtain panel switch up as well, why not!?

The HighBoy featured at The Arts by Karena

The enchanted home said...

I am not much of a DIY'er but admire the ideas out there...do love scarves and think these are really creative ideas!

Pam WhimsicalVintage said...

Love both of these ideas and your timing is perfect. I've had such a hard time finding just the right curtains for my sliding glass door...now I have so many more options! Great post, thanks so much:)

Elizabeth@ Pine Cones and Acorns said...

Wow, these ideas look great! I have seen Hermes scarves frames and think that you could replicate that with many other fabrics as well.

I love the Ralph Lauren fabric!

Sandra Lee said...

I've never done this but know that I've seen this I'm game!

Simone said...

I took an antique tablecloth and made a shower curtain out of it--worked great! Love the scarf idea.

Anonymous said...

I've used tablecloths as curtain panels before. They're a terrific option since there are so many great styles & patterns out there...plus it's a great way to get longer panels (96" & up) at a great price (much much less $$ than traditional curtain panels which get SUPER pricey SUPER quick!).

Deborah said...

What a brilliant idea, can't believe I never thought about the tablecloth option myself. Love the framed scarfs. Just wanted to share a frame treatment similar to your second photo. Highland Hardware makes a brass and acrylic frame kit that would disply the scarfs beautifully.

mrsr58 said...

hi stacy, lovely selection of scarves you have there! :D

when i was decorating my friend's house (tight budget) we bought colorful oilcloth tablecloths from homegoods, cut and wrapped them onto pieces of styrofoam (packaging that we saved from all her online shopping), and velcro'ed them to her wall for fun and inexpensive art! (the oilcloth's texture was similar to canvas but we saved so much money this way. :D)