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Friday, March 20, 2015

Hi everyone! I haven't been able to write anything at all this week because I've had so many work setbacks and delays, so it's been time consuming and crazy busy. Our annual vacation is coming up, though, to the Bahamas, where my parents bought time share 30 years ago. It's like a second home to us, but especially to my dad, who has gone for two weeks every year for three decades. This will be the first since my mom passed, and that is very, very hard. We have so many memories there - most memorably, for me, Patrick and I got engaged there. It was one of the happiest nights ever, and I'm lucky that I got to share it with my parents. Anyway, one of my favorite things about the trip is that my 14 year old son opens up a bit, and has even been known to dance there. I guess I literally have to take him out of the country to make that happen :)

Happy weekend everyone! 

I regret the last sofa I bought for my family room. I love the look, but I didn't go high end enough, and it didn't last. I mistakenly thought I could compensate for that by telling my kids not to jump on it and to not treat it like is was indestructible. Well, needless to say, they destroyed it in record time. My husband says about once a week, "we need a new sofa." That would usually be music to my ears, but I'm very stubborn and very mad at the current sofa, which holds me back for some reason. I'll give in as soon as I trust my kids to be kind to it (when they leave for college?) In any, event, it WILL be the best one of these that I can afford:

Katherine said...

Life is too short - buy the new sofa now (and threaten the kids with an inch of their lives).

I hope you all dance on the beach when you are away and celebrate your Mother's life. And you know if you all get crazy dancing on the beach she will be watching you with laughter and enjoying the antics.

Karena Albert said...

Stacy how great to have a family place to visit and I hope that your Dad can enjoy it as much as you all miss your dear Mother. He sounds like a great man.

The sofa is going to keep bothering you every time you look at it. What about a great slipcover for a new one, while the kids are still having fun in the house!

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Segreto Secrets said...

So sorry you wont have your Mom along this year - I am sure that the home is full of wonderful memories for all of you and I am sure she will be enjoying it with you in spirit! Beautiful collection of photos as usual!
xo. Leslie
Segreto Finishes

Anonymous said...

Your timing for vacation couldn't be any better! Not sure if it's snowing on the South Shore but it's been snowing here in the Berkshires most of the day! Have a WONDERFUL time and enjoy having everyone together! As the kids get older, that gets harder and harder to do. Know you'll miss your Mom but know she'll be there in spirit! Barbara P from Ma

Sandra Lee said...

Thanks for sharing these beautiful rooms and I hope you have an awesome vacation!