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Wednesday, March 11, 2015

I have long been a fan of Susan Glick Interiors, and I if I have not written about her before well, shame on me. Because she is absolutely amazing. If you are on Pinterest at all, which I know you are, I'm sure you will have seen her work. I think she is good at everything she does, but especially at the details. Every tiny little thing is done to perfection. When you hire a really good photographer like she clearly does, every single flaw shows and shows up big. But I cannot find one thing wrong with anything she has ever done. Look at these photos and you will surely see what I mean!

Oh, and by the way, it seems like most of you agreed yesterday about Pinterest's new changes being not so user-friendly. They don't really have an 800 number that you can call and complain to, so I think writing about it is all we can really do. Not that I think they'll be reading my little blog, but I guess you never know.

These two sales made me so happy today!

Lyn Coombs said...

I always enjoy your blog as I munch on my morning granola, a great way to start the day on both counts! Can't agree enough about Pinterest and the fact they offer no way for one to offer comments or general concerns about the changes. The first change they made that I found annoying was removing the arrow at the upper right enabling one to immediately scroll back to the top. Now, if you're in a large board, it's umpteen taps to return to the beginning. Your point is well made. If we can't grouse about issues on a blog, how else will they learn? Let's hope they read your blog!

Karena Albert said...

Stacy, I meant to get a comment on your post yesterday,; however it was late and my eyes were glazed over from trying to figure out some issues on my site as you know!!

Pinning this morning and the past few days, what a pain. Slow is only the beginning as you say and yes, it is wrong fro Pinterest to capitalize on the work and images of others, period!

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Joanne said...

I love every room above. Susan is a very talented decorator. One thing I noticed is that her rooms are not overdone. I like that they all have a quiet elegance. I'm off to her pinterest boards.

Deb said...

Love the metallic touches on the ceiling shot and those gorgeous drapery panels!

Claudia said...


Love the new blog's so pretty! Love your posts!
Take care,

Kay said...

I think Pinterest has just cured me of my addiction to it. It's so cumbersome that I don't have any desire to be on it at all. Now THAT'S saying something!

So if there's a big drop off in use maybe they'll get the message. (Who thought inconvenient and unwieldy was a good idea?)

Thanks for starting the conversation!

Sandra Lee said...

These rooms are beautiful, especially the kitchens!