ANOTHER Master Bedroom Update: Accessories and Bedding (and Lots More Photos)

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

First, thank you all so much for voting yesterday. Most of the votes were by return email, so the post itself shows skewed results. On both email and the poll, the gray ceiling won, but the email responses made it win by even more than the poll shows. It was about 70% for the gray.  I'm SO happy because that was my inclination, too, and you guys confirmed it - thank you! And I think more of you will agree after seeing the new accent colors in this post.

After posting yesterday, I got inspired to shop and try to finish this room up, and I hit pay dirt at Home Goods.  (I always link to them when I mention them because I'm still hoping for that assigned parking space at the Norwell, MA store. Parking is a nightmare. Here's an idea Home Goods - maybe a blogger or two can win assigned parking for a month or something through some contest - "Blogger of the Month Parking" or something? Just a thought ;)

I knew I wanted to do purple accents. It was a fluke really - I'm not sure I would have thought of it, but Ellie brought a purple blanket in once and I loved the way it looked. So, even though it can be hard when you are looking for something specific (not just at HG, but anywhere really), I got extremely lucky.

 I'll go through my Home Goods ("HG") finds in the images....

1. This purple floral and the pot it is in, and the blue velvet sofa, which started this whole project about 8 months ago (wow, that's a long time, even for me), and two of the silver tables (the largest is from eBay years ago):

2. The shams (today), purple pillows, bedding, blankets, pillows, curtains, silver tables and throw - i.e., just about everything - a while ago.  The bedside tables I actually don't recall - they were years ago by mail order somewhere.

I'm one short on the shams, so I'm going to look at my other HG tomorrow:

3. Candles, candlesticks, bedding and blankets:

4. Gold box ($10!), gold frame, white container and floral (Lamps, curtains, and silver frames were from another day, also HG):

5. Both lamps, the mirror over the dresser, the settee, the silver stool, and the blue pillows were all HG. The large leaning mirror was Anthropologie, and the mirror between the windows was custom:

The mirrored dresser was HG a few months ago, but they usually have one or two in stock, at least at my store:

Can you believe how much was Home Goods? I was kind of surprised actually when I was writing this.  The only things that aren't are the bed and chaise (Overstock), the rug (OKL), the large mirror (Anthropologie), and the chandelier (Horchow).

Thank you Home Goods - I quite literally don't know what I'd do without you. Now let's talk about that parking space.....


And, because you're likely so sick of this project by now, I wanted to include some other rooms.... here is your eye candy :)

How gorgeous is this? It's still expensive, but fun to look at:

Shirley@Housepitality Designs said...

Love, love the color scheme of your bedroom....I have alway admired your exquisite bedroom. What did we ever do without the great HomeGoods....hope they hear your plea and give you that well deserved parking space!!

Karena Albert said...

Stacy I am in love with the bedding, that lavender quilted spread is gorgeous! I keep thinking of white however your colors would work in my master as well!

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freddyandpetunia said...

I love your bedroom project--and the gray ceiling, and all the angles, and paneled walls, and...
Thanks for sharing it all with us!
Btw--seems to me you more than earned that parking spot! ; D

The enchanted home said...

Love your bedroom its the perfect combination of elegance, beauty and just gets better and better!!

Lee said...

Your bedroom looks very glamourous and the accent colours are perfect to go with the silver in the room. Oh how I wish I had the space you have in my bedroom. I added a touch of mauve a few years ago to my living room with accent cushions and throws but now back to blue and white, but your bedroom has me thinking :)

Taylor Greenwalt said...

Your bedroom came out so pretty...I love the Anthro mirror!

Merlin said...

HOLY MOLEY!!! That room turned out...GORGEOUS!! You've DONE IT AGAIN!! franki

Sandra Lee said...

Your bedroom is gorgeous!

Kelci said...

This is all so gorgeous! Stacey, I'm wondering what you washed the tongue and groove ceiling with in the outdoor space? It looks nearly natural but with a slight wash perhaps? I love it!!

Well done!