Decorating With Whites and Grays and Blacks

Thursday, June 4, 2015

I do love this palette, especially because you can leave it alone or add colors when you want to:

Merlin said...

COOL! franki

Karena Albert said...

Oh I do agree!! Gorgeous rooms just made for fabulous art!

The Arts by Karena
Jackson Pollock's Mural

Anonymous said...

The next time you come into Boston, you should check out Ostra, a fantastic restaurant and it's decor is white and gray. Quite stunning and the food is wonderful.

divadeb57 said...

Faux pas! There is a designer pet peeve...the bottom picture on the last picture is lopsided.

KL eternalicons said...

Gorgeous Stacey! Love this tonal combo!

Sandra Lee said...

Even the darker rooms have an lightness to them.